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The best looks of italian 90s cine-panettone

Paninaro, preppy, "piacioni", always with a dose of trash

The best looks of italian 90s cine-panettone Paninaro, preppy, piacioni, always with a dose of trash

Now only a few days are left for Christmas and the preparations are getting more and more intense. Tree? Done. Nativity? Done. Menu? Decided. Presents? Almost finished. In short, everything is ready, but nevertheless, you feel that something is missing to make your Christmas perfectly predictable. Perhaps a rain of heavy and stereotyped gags that snatch easy smiles and accumulate millions at the box office? Oh yes, because from 1983 in Italy the winter holidays do not arrive until a cine-panettone appears on the cinema screens, better if interpreted by the Boldi-De Sica couple.

It matters little that you call it cult, trash or praise it as did the University of Leeds Alan O'Leary in the book Phenomenology of Cinepanettone, this type of film born in the early '80s as a variation on the theme of lucky Flavor of the Vanzina brothers is, for better or for worse, inherent in the DNA of every Italian. From the first Vacanze di Natale to the following Vacanze in America, Yuppies, Montecarlo Gran Casinò, Christmas Holidays '90, SPQR and so on, its structure is well defined: low-ranking gag; rather repetitive plots that tell stories of betrayals and misunderstanding; stereotypical characters; cameo of beautiful women; soundtrack that contains the most popular hits of the moment. In short, a product with a high rate of pop, supported by fetish actors Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica (but also many others) and viral jokes.


Part of our national popular tradition for over thirty years, watching one of these films is like see most ephemeral and often vulgar side of our society: bourgeoisie, politics, youth, family and of course fashion. Many the characters and the look remained impressed in the memory, strong enough to be reworked in a contemporary and street from the Instagram Boldiciaga. Nss takes advantage of the upcoming Christmas holidays to remind you of 5 fashion moments, the best looks of old-fashioned cine-panettone.


"Piacione" style

Whether the location is the exclusive Cortina or the sunny Miami, that you wear it to sneak into a party or to take on the role of bodyguard, it does not matter. In the wardrobe of the protagonists of the perfect cine-panettone the tuxedo never fails. The glamorous side of the trash.


The paninari are back

Colored, tanned and designer with Moncler down jackets, the Best Company sweatshirts under the sleeveless, the El Charro belt, branded denim, Timberland, Nike, ... in short, one of the most classic expressions of the 80's zeitgeist.



The protagonists of the cine-panettone OG are often water and soap guys, who from the province end up in the metropolis (or in US) with common lives, made of adolescent loves and little troubles due to misunderstandings. The art comedy version Vanzina. With a lot of blue cardigans and striped polo shirts.


Good girls gone wild


From Karina Huff to Carol Alt, from Ornella Muti to Megan Gale, from Alba Parietti to Anna Falchi, every such film has in its cast a handful of beautiful and discreet girls dominated by an actress caught between the starlets of the moment. Two are the only roles reserved for women: intransigent wives and super-sexy lovers, in close-fitting and showy clothes.


The trash element


The trash is a fundamental part of the cine-panettone formula. An element that is often reflected visually in hairstyles and looks decidedly over the top: square and giant jackets, mix'n match of horrible prints, big hair, Hawaiian shirts (not the cool version of Prada or Louis Vuitton), huge fake jewelry and all the do not that fashion has taught us.