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Discover the Converse one star Back to School Game

Converse One Star up for grabs

Discover the Converse one star Back to School Game Converse One Star up for grabs

nss magazine and Converse launch Converse One Star Back to School, the new videogame that will make you win five exclusive Converse One Star. After having seen them worn by Tyler, The Creator, Liberato and Lourdes Leon, this is the perfect chance to challenge your friends and win yourself a pair. 

Back to School evokes the magic aesthetic of 90s arcades, between pop colors and hypnotic sounds, ready to take you into this new adventure made of sneakers, fashion and speed races. Here's everything you need to know if you want to win the Converse One Star


How To Play

To play at Back to School all you need to do is following these 5 steps: 

1. Open this link and insert your name, last name, shoe size and Instagram profile; 

2. Pick your favourite colorway - Black, Red or Burgundy - and start playing; 

3. By using just one finger, move the sneaker on the screen trying to collect the most Star Chevron logos as possible avoiding bombs and obstacles. The time and the number of logos collected will determine the final score; 

 4. Share your score on Whatsapp or on the IG stories and challenge your friends to win a pair of Converse One Star.



To Know

There will be three different rankings, one for each colorway; it will be possible to play in every ranking by choosing a different colorway everytime. Only in this way you can win not just one, but also two, and maybe all the three sneakers. The rankings will be updated in real time on the official site of the game, where you can check your position. The prize: the Converse One Star you played with in the game in the colorway you chose. The first three contenders of each ranking will win a pair of One Star

Back to School is online from today until September 24th. 


Ready to plunge into the world of Back to School w/ Converse?