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Top Pop moments of 2017

From the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy to the silence breakers of the #metoo movement

Top Pop moments of 2017 From the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy to the silence breakers of the #metoo movement

We’re about to say goodbye to another year and inevitably turn around and look back at the past few days.

The 2017 was full of memorable moments, sad, happy, annoying, boring, funny, touching.

NSS reminds you of the most popular ones, those that have invaded the Internet and social media, from the love story between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd to the socio-cultural revolution initiated by the #metoo movement, by Beyoncé and her twins to the phenomenon of ugly sneakers.


Beyoncé & the twins


Beyoncé is the woman who this year has “broken” the Internet.

Not thanks to her nice butt, but with her belly.

On Wednesday, February 1, she announced she was pregnant by posting on her Instagram profile a photograph made by the multimedia artist Awol Erizku that portrayed her, belly in plain sight, Virgin version of Guadalupe crouched in front of a wall of colorful flowers, and the world went crazy.

So much to gain over 2.4 million likes in the first hour.

Queen B. replies the success when in July presents her second-born Rumi and Sir.

Long dress by Palomo Spain, head covered with a light blue veil, frame of flowers and little ones in her arms, Beyoncé is a perfect pop renaissance Madonna.




October 15th.

Alyssa Milano aka Phoebe Halliwell of "Charmed" on the phone with a friend is commenting on the story of Ashley Judd read in the New York Times in which the actress revealed the harassment suffered in 1997 by producer Harvey Weinstein. Even Alyssa had lived a similar experience and, driven by the courage of the colleague, thinks of writing it on Twitter. The friend at the other end of the phone suggests to use the hashtag #MeToo, invented ten years ago by Tarana Burke.

No sooner said than done.

She writes: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me Too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. If you’ve been harassed or assaulted rite “Me Too” as a reply to this tweet”. The next day she already has more than 30,000 replies.

The phenomenon becomes viral because, to paraphrase a tweet by Pauley Perette, one of the stars of NCIS, perhaps many have never met Weinstein, but many know him. Even if it has a different shape, another height and another name.

The #metoo movement has had such an echo and importance to be elected by Time “Person of the Year” for 2017.

«This is the fastest moving social change we’ve seen in decades and it began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women - and some men, too - who came forward to tell their own stories» sayd Edward Felsenthal, Time Editor-in-Chief, to NBC News.

On the cover there are 5 “silence breakers”, ie people who have broken the silence about sexual harassment: Ashley Judd, the first to denounce Harvey Weinstein; Taylor Swift, who obtained the judgment in the court of the DJ David Mueller, guilty of having palpated her butt during a concert in Denver in 2013; Isabel Pascual, the false name of a Mexican strawberry picker who has denounced the sexual services that the corporals claim from the laborers ; Susan Fowler, the Uber engineer who did the same in his company leading to the dismissal of CEO Travis Kalanick and another twenty employees; Adama Iwu, Visa’s lobbyist who launched the “We said enough” website, becoming a spokeswoman for 140 women harassed in the world of work and politics.


And the Oscar goes to…


Academy Awards ceremony.

Everything goes smoothly until it comes the most awaited moment, that of the award for Best Film.

On stage to make the announcement are Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway: “And the Oscar goes to ... “La La Land””.

Actor, director and the whole crew of the musical starring Ryan Gosling arriving to receive the statuette, Jordan Horowitz, one of three producers, makes his acceptance speech, but something is wrong.

The real winner film “Moonlight”, but due to a wrong envelope, it was announced “La La Land”.

Result? Big embarrassment, stunned faces in the audience and an plethora of memes.


Three Kardashian sisters were pregnant at the same time


Get ready because the world and, above all, the social media are about to be invaded by a new generation of Kardashian-Jenner.

Khloé, Kylie and Kim are pregnant at the same time.

For Kim and Kanye West it is the third child (will be a girl) and will be born thanks to a surrogate mother because of some health problems of the reality star, while for the sisters is the first.

The father of Khloé’s baby is the NBA player Tristan Thompson.

Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, is pregnant with the rapper Travis Scott.


Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad


Certainly when Kendall Jenner signed to be the protagonist of a commercial for Pepsi he did not think to end up in the middle of a medium to a big fuss, instead ...

Here’s what happened.

In advertising, the model abandons a shooting to join a group of demonstrators. Fearing the clash between the crowd and the police, Kendall intervenes and offers a can of drink to an agent, thus sealing the peace between the two groups.

A few hours after the video was released, the network was invaded by criticism and protests.

The reason? It would give a wrong, misleading and simplistic message of civil rights protest movements.

As a result the advertisement was withdrawn.


Selena Gomez’s Love Triangle With The Weeknd And Justin Bieber


If there is a person able to steal Beyoncé the scepter of queen of gossip and  Instagram that’s Selena Gomez.

In 2017 the girl was the center of attention for two reasons: the kidney transplant, donated by her friend France Raisa, and the love story with The Weeknd.

Their first picture together, outside a Santa Monica restaurant, was broadcast by the American TMZ website at the beginning of January, then there were holidays in Italy, concerts at the Coachella, party at the MET Gala, exchanges of posts, kisses, more or less explicit love messages.

The couple stay together about 10 months, then it is all over.

Selena and Abel (real name of the rapper) broke up in October and come back to her ex, Justin Bieber.

Between him and the singer it seems there is a backfire.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged


If any of you dreamed of marrying a prince, now you have to remove from the list of possible husbands Harry.

On November 27th, William's little brother got engaged, with his grandmother-queen's blessing, with the actress of "Suits" Meghan Markle.

He, as in every pseudo Disney fairy tale, gave her a ring with three diamonds, the central from Botswana and the side stones from a pair of Lady D. earrings.

Could they miss the official romantic shots made by Polish photographer Alexi Lubomirski? Yes, but we forgive them.