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Lust For Life anatomy - Lana Del Rey latest album

All the inspiration from the video teaser

Lust For Life anatomy - Lana Del Rey latest album All the inspiration from the video teaser

Lana Del Rey is back with Lust For Life
Although there is still no official release date the first rumors begin to leak.

The album, the fifth, is poised between past and present. It will have vintage atmosphere and sounds in the style of 50s and 60s, but the lyrics will be influenced by the uncertainty of this period, making this the most committed project of the above, both socially and politically, as the same singer explains:

"I started out thinking that the whole record was gonna have a sort of a '50s-'60s feeling, kind of some kind of Shangri-Las, early Joan Baez influences, but I don't know, as the climate kept on getting more heated politically, I found lyrically everything was just directed towards that. So because of that, the sound just got really updated, and I felt like it was more wanting to talk to the younger side of the audience that I have.
I guess it's a little more socially aware. It's kind of a global feeling"

Announcing the release of her latest work, Lana drops a cryptic video in black and white with a Hollyweird flavor. Let's watch it carefully and find out what references and clues may hide.

The title: Iggy Pop vs Vincent van Gogh

The Miss Del Rey fifth album will be called Lust for Life, the same name as the famous work published in 1977 by Iggy Pop. The same reasons have is the biography that the 1954 film drawn from it that tells the tormented life of Vincent Van Gogh. Probably not a coincidence.

The Twilight Zone

The teaser has a style that reminds that of the popular 60s sci-fi series The Twilight Zone: a world of black and white, alienating and a bit 'disturbing, out of time in which Lana lives in the "H" of Hollywood on hills of Los Angeles.

The Love Witch

Lana plays the role of a vintage kinda '60s  witch. The aesthetic seems stolen from The Love Witch, a 2016 movie directed by Anna Biller, entirely shot with a 35mm. The plot? Elaine (played by the beautiful Samantha Robinson), after a traumatic divorce, is dedicated to witchcraft and spends her time inventing spells to make men fall in love in love with her.

Maila Nurmi aka Vampira

Look at Lana, if you have a minimum of familiarity with the genre, she will remind you many iconic tv dark female figures from Morticia (Carolyn Jones) to Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo) and, above all, Vampira (Maila Nurmi).
 A curiosity: the star would be taking part in a mass ritual that aims to get Donald Trump removed from his Presidential office.

The Weeknd

Around Lana fluctuate various magical ingredients, among them an XO -  for many a clear reference to a tweet of the singer, then reposted also by The Weekend, and clear confirmation of a cooperation (this time in the title track) between the two.
The couple had already worked together in the past to the tracks Prisoner and Stargirl Interlude. So cryptic!