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Hello Brooklyn #6 - Original Dope Crew

Best friends' music

Hello Brooklyn #6 - Original Dope Crew Best friends' music
Alex Bienaime
ODC is a music duo hailing from North Carolina. An unconditional love and passion for music motivated best friends Anthony and Ricky to pursue their studies and dreams in New York.
In the past year, they dedicated themselves to music recording and endless studio sessions in order to release singles and finalize their biggest work so far, their brand new EP called Hell Of A Night. The EP is a real piece of art that definitely represents the new age of hip-hop, featuring amazing music producers such as Sam Gellaitry and PYRMDPLAZA.
In this new episode of Hello Brooklyn I will introduce you to the future of rap music and you'll be the first to be part of it.
#1 Who is ODC?
The Original Dope Crew is a new era hip-hop duo from Fayetteville, North Carolina, including Anthony Martin and Ricky Artis-Williams. We developed together, attending the same middle and high school. After graduating, we moved to NYC to pursue our music career in college.

#2 How did you come up with the name?

The name was brought to us by the third member who is no longer with us, Michael Pannell. He had to drop the group, as he no longer wanted to rap and instead produce. However, he is still loved and well respected by us. He actually produced “Thang” off of our newest EP.

#3 What are the most important things in your life?

The most important thing in our lives is family. Without the support of our family, we wouldn’t be here today.

#4 Is there any artist you’d like to perform on stage with?

Definitely! There is actually a couple, lol. We would love to hit the stage with Young Thug, Migos, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Future.

#5 Tell us about your brand new EP.

Our new EP, released January 1st, 2016, is entitled “Hell of A Night” and consists of 10 records. Production from Sam Gellaitry, Pyrmd Plaza, VYX, Where Is Alex, Eugene The Dream, Lyric Walls, and No Tv No Radio. The entire ep was constructed to seem as one big party/hell of a night. Each track brings a positive and energetic vibe, causing you turn up, lol.

#6 Your biggest music influence?

"My biggest influence is my brother. He has made sure everything in his life is superior or nonexistent, and that’s what I wanna grow to be" says Ricky. “My biggest influence is J. Cole. Not only is he literally from the same town we are from, but he let me know it is possible. Possible to come from such a small town and make it to the pros” says Anthony.

#7 Best and worst thing about nowadays hip hop music?

Hip Hop today is dope! Indeed it is different from the origins of hip hop, however, hip hop as a culture and as a sound is evolving! The music today opens a lot of doors for different types of artists. We wish there was more of a balance between the topics though. Everyone seems to be talking about the same thing, and sadly, that’s what the people love to hear!

#8 Your greatest goals in life?

One of my greatest goals in life is to be performing on stage in front of a crazy big crowd, and them knowing all the lyrics of my entire set. Now that would be a dream come true. I also always wanted to be able to take care of my family to the point where “work” is optional and no longer needed. My mother and father deserve the world” says Anthony. “My biggest goal in life is to be rich so I can take care of myself and family” says Ricky.


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