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Hello Brooklyn #7 - George Clanton

From Virginia to NYC

Hello Brooklyn #7 - George Clanton From Virginia to NYC
Alex Bienaime
Past and future all combine together in this new episode of Hello Brooklyn featuring George Clanton (fka Mirror Kisses), a producer, singer and songwriter originally from Virginia and settled in New York City. 

His latest album 100% Electronica is a hymn to electronic music the way it used to be, and his deep vocals transmit an emotional feeling that we haven't heard in a very long time. George Clanton's talent has already been compared to artists such as Ian Curtis and his eclectic live performances are some of the best things ever seen so far by many characters in the music industry. 

Clanton's sound is a mixture of chill wave, pop music and new age, filled with a retro aesthetic that will finally lead you to a vapor wave sound and time traveling atmosphere.
#1 Who is George Clanton?
I'm just a boy. I'm originally from Virginia. I work 40 hours a week at a day job in Manhattan. I have a dog. I like to make music in my free time. Sometimes I put it out for the public to listen to and now more than ever people seem to like it.
#2 You do something completely original and unique for nowadays standards, but your live performances are considered by many some of the best ones ever. Do you think people are starting to embrace more particularity in music? 
I guess for a while it was out of fashion to show a lot of emotion or have a big personality, especially in electronic music. At least in New York. But recently, it seems to be coming back around and people are yearning for that kind of engagement from the artist. I've never been shy about showing that I am enjoying myself when I perform, but the number of people that embrace me for it seems to be growing. Maybe my music is just getting better. I think there's still a lot of resistance to male vocals in electronic music, but fuck it: that's my favorite part!
#3 Growing up in Virginia and moving to a big metropolis. How much do you think NYC influenced your sound? 
I've only been in New York for 2 years. There are some elements of old school hardcore breakbeat dance music starting to creep into my songs, but I don't think that's coming from a New York influence. It's more like what I wish New York sounded like. What I imagined New York was like. New York in the '90s or something. I suppose everything in Virginia is always 20 years behind, including me.
#4 Name some of your favorite artists and biggest inspirations: 
The Prodigy, Seal, Happy Mondays, Microdisney (look that one up). The movie "Hackers" starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie is deep well of inspiration for me.

#5 Tell us about the creation of 100% Electronica, and what's coming next?
"100% Electronica" is my latest album, and my debut album as George Clanton. I've been making music under other names for years (Mirror Kisses, ESPRIT 空想) but recently I've found the styles of those older projects to be too specific and limiting. "100% Electronica" is an attempt to blend all the sounds that come into my mind without worrying about if it fits into a preset category. In that way is kind of a mixture of my earlier work, and I think it sounds better this way. 
It took a long time for me to finish. I take my time. There are a few options right now for what I release next. I change my mind all the time so I have to make sure I'm really into an idea before I put it out there to be heard. There are too many people watching me now!
#6 The best experience in your life so far?
Meeting my girlfriend Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini and traveling to play shows with her. Either that or riding a roller coaster for the first time, that was good too.
#7 Your biggest fear in life?
Roller coasters!