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Hello Brooklyn #4 - Ateller

From Tel Aviv to NY

Hello Brooklyn #4 - Ateller From Tel Aviv to NY

The world of music production has been through an amazing revolution in the latest years, thanks to many different collectives that helped to increase the value of instrumental and digital music. 

In this chapter of Hello Brooklyn we’ll introduce you to Ateller, a music producer but primarily a drummer, originally form Tel Aviv, a city that has been surprisingly growing so fast musically speaking and where freedom of self and vanguard have become the main ingredients in everyday nightlife. 

Avishai aka Ateller got close to production at a very young age, starting by playing jazz on his Premier drum set, and this love for music raised in Avi the feeling of traveling abroad and get closer to the things he has always been inspired by. That’s when he moved to New York to keep on with his music career.

The music creations of Ateller are absolutely real, natural, chill out but at the same time hardcore with a deep feeling, capable to accompany every kind of mood you’re in with every kind of person around you, weather people you love or total strangers. If you wanna swim into his ocean, then check Atelier on his Soundcloud and vibe with tracks as Care for a Swim, TLTF, Freedom and the amazing remix of Sobriety by SZA that recently hit 19k listeners. 

#1 Who is Ateller and how did you come up with the name?

Ateller is a producer, a drummer, a dj and a performer. The name represents a few things: a story teller, or, a-teller (non teller), or, an alternation or the word alter. Far out. But basically at first it just felt right, and later came the meanings. 

#2 How is New York treating you?

NY is treating me very well, and sometimes really shitty, obviously. It treats us like shit and we still love it, but sometimes it gives us more than we can imagine. It's a love hate thingIn either case this city always turns out to be extremely inspiring, on both the most beautiful and the bleakest of days, and this movement always finds its way into the music. 

#3 When did you start producing your own music?

I started on the low when I was 18, made 1 album, but then the drum / jazz life took over and became more important (for some reason). I've been playing drums since I was 10 and a drumming career was the focus for a while. I was also more in a learning phase. 

But anyways, I came back to it full-on 3 years ago and never looked back - it's the greatest form of creation and expression I personally experienced

#4 Who are your biggest inspirations in nowadays music production?

On repeat lately has been Jon Hopkins' 'Immunity', ninja tune's Moire with the album 'Shelters' and Triangle Record's Lotic. Strange and beautiful sounds for strange and beautiful times. On a more general note, i always look up to Flying Lotus, Kendrick, Stevie, and James Blake for inspiration and answers.

#5 Tell us about Tel Aviv clubbing life, are people more open minded when it comes to music?

For sure. Not just open minded - there's a crave. The contrast in Israel is on the highest volume possible; a contrast between the rich artistic movements of the underground and between the mainstream, which is aggressive and bland.  Geographically this is very much represented by Tel Aviv vs. the rest. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a scene that is curious and open minded, and is definitely anti war, anti mainstream and anti israeli pop culture (which is terrible). A scene that has a high level of creation and consumption of new music, new art and intense night life. Israel has such rich underground because the ground is often too scary and too narrow to live in.

#6 How you feeling this music production and future bass revolution, is there any scene you feel more musically related too?

The beat scene revolution is a blessed one. It's a beautiful time for all of us creatively. I feel connected to it all; call it future bass, hip hop, jazz, minimal techno/deep house (my new obsessions), whatever. It's all the same. Get a laptop and share your mind with the world. (I made it sound easy didn't I?)

#7 What’s the weirdest sound you ever sampled for one of your tracks?

I love recording shit on my phone and then sampling it. The world is a huge sample library. Last week I recorded myself mumbling vocals in the realm of Flying Lotus 'do the astral plane' in a crowded subway. I sampled a bunch of old jewish people singing Hanukkah songs, i sampled a cab driver telling me how he was cheating on his wife... anything goes.

#8 Name some of the best artists you collaborated with so far.

My live band is getting really killing, so I definitely love collaborating with them on stage and creating a moment. I've been working on and off with my close friend O MER for years- We made an album together called 'The O' and also released a track called On The Beach on my latest ep. Adam Fallen is another close friend who's always very inspiring to me. we always make shit. 

#9 Your life’s goal?

To take my music on the road is definitely my greatest dream. On a daily basis, my goal is to be fully present at every moment, to have gratitude (and humor) at all points of the journey, and to have true compassion and love to my surroundings.