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Hello Brooklyn #2 - Scienze

Hip Hop & The City

Hello Brooklyn #2 - Scienze Hip Hop & The City

"Hip hop music has always been part of my life, like the sunrise and the air we breathe” .

This is how Jamal Monsanto - better known as ScienZe - describes his relationship with hip-hop music. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he started getting into music by approaching the world of music production and becoming a beat maker, but it’s only after several years that he decides to grab a microphone and start rapping.

In 2009 Jamal decides to take a bigger step and turns his passion into a career, performing live in different venues of New York and shortly thereafter releasing his first mixtape called DopeNESS Vol. 1.
Other projects such as The Phone Tap(e) and Hall Pass received a very good feedback and got featured in many different blogs including 2DopeBoyz. Thanks to that he has the opportunity to be interviewed on All Hip Hop Radio with Will 2 B, The Emilio Sparks Experience with Emilio Sparks and The Bar Exam with Brian Allonce.

2013 officially marks a period of major changes for ScienZe, who will perform for the first time ever in several European countries. I didn’t have the chance to meet him back then but I definitely couldn’t miss him this time in Brooklyn.

#1 Are there any artist that deeply inspired you to make your own music?

My big brother deeply inspired me to make my own music. From a very young age he introduced me to Hip-Hop music, taught me how to make beats with him on a Casio keyboard, and taught me how to freestyle (or gave me the courage to).  My brother, Seven Synz, is the first rapper I became a fan of.  I'm still a fan.  I remember when I was about 9 years old, standing in the stairway of my mom's crib while he bumped music downstairs with his friends.  I'd hear him scratching records (some combinations I still haven't forgotten), bumpin’ Biggie, or just vibing with his peoples. He introduced me to the essence of this art, which allowed me to fall in love with it. 

#2 What would you like to change in today’s music business?

Simply, I would like people to be more interested in music and less business.

#3 One of your greatest achievements up to now?

One of my greatest achievements has been going on tour in Europe in 2013.  There, I was able to perform in 5 different Countries I had never been to before, and I realized how much they appreciate art over there.  

#4 You’ve been performing in Europe, is there any other place where you would like to share your music?

I would LOVE to travel to Japan to share my music and message there. I just know that whole experience would be so ill.  

#5 Brooklyn has always been a place surrounded by music, art and a sense of freedom. What is your relationship with this city?

I am a product of Brooklyn. It's my home. There’s honestly no other place on Earth like the Planet Brooklyn, and I feel blessed to be from here. We got the glow.