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The '80s mixtape for quarantine

Italian electro-dance

The '80s mixtape for quarantine Italian electro-dance

These quarantine days never end. The atmosphere outside the house door recalls a post-apocalyptic movie and inside our rooms pajamas and boredom reign supreme. Once we've watched all the Netflix series, finished the latest call with our office colleagues and quarrelled with our partner about which of us will be able to breathe (strictly inside his mask) some fresh air while he walks the dog, we have only one way to push away claustrophobia and anxiety about the future: singing loudly.  Without reserve. Without shame. Wearing our pajamas and an ugly sweatshirt, with our bad hair, sponge socks or like Tom Cruise in Risky Business/ Niles in The Nanny.

nss suggests the soundtrack: Disco Magica vol.1, an 80's mixtape by Vincenzo Paccone & Stefano De Martino. The selection includes 50 minutes of hits of the decade that we all know by heart, even if we're ashamed to admit it: from Nell' Aria by Marcella Bella to In alto mare by Loredana Bertè, from Con il nastro rosa by Lucio Battisti to Che idea! by Pino D'Angiò (someone will remember the 2005 cover by Flaminio Maphia), from Andamento lento by Tullio De Piscopo to Keep on movin' by Pino Daniele.


Press play, turn up the volume and sing out loud (even on the balcony)!