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An Aesthetic Guide to Drake's Quarantine

In his new video, "Toosie Slide", Drake proved that he is facing quarantine with the right spirit

An Aesthetic Guide to Drake's Quarantine In his new video, Toosie Slide, Drake proved that he is facing quarantine with the right spirit

On March 18, Drake announced that he was in self-quarantine in Toronto, a decision he made after being in contact with NBA star Kevin Durant, who tested positive at Covid-19. The quarantine of the biggest pop star on the planet, however, does not resemble the quarantine of the rest of the planet. By the end of 2019, Drake had begun showing off his new home in the Bridle Path neighborhood, a small, 6.7-million-dollar palace whose renovations lasted more than two years: today, Drake's home is worth about 100 million dollars , and has a surreal amount of marble inside - all credit to designer Ferris Rafauli. 

Exactly in this house Drake shot his new video, Toosie Slide, named after the dancer/tiktoker/ Toosie, to whom Drake had sent the video in recent days, and who created its official choreography. Toosie told Rolling Stone:

 “Drake hit me up and was like, 'Yo, I need your help,'. So he sends the record. It was just an idea at the time. It was just the hook and a verse. I came up with this dance”.

The fact that Drake thought of his single specifically for the TikTok challenges, at a time when half the world is in quarantine, once again confirms his strong (but not unique) ability to read and to understand social dynamics, as well as the ability (that yes, unique in the world) to make viral content for the music world, just think of Hotline Bling and the "Kiki Challenge" of In My Feelings

But if the choreography of Toosie Slide is destined to go viral, the real big star of the video is Drake's house, with everything it contains and that Drake shows in the video. The following is therefore an impossible shopping guide, to furnish your home as if it were Drake's and dress up as Drake dresses with the legendary "Riot! Riot! Riot!" Camo Bomber Jacket by Raf Simons with only two pieces on sale currently (for about 32 and 47,000 dollars on Grailed). Other owners of the piece, besides of course Drake: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Or a Mao by Andy Warhol, plus a tribute to Kobe Bryant and several paintings with Drake's favorite rappers. 

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