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"Triste" is the new album by Samuel Heron

9 tracks revealing an unknown side of the rapper

Triste is the new album by Samuel Heron 9 tracks revealing an unknown side of the rapper

Today, May 17, sees the release of Triste, Samuel Heron's new album. The rapper who grew up on loving hip-hop and breakdance, after having shown his talent with a series of videos posted on YouTube, is ready to explore new territories and amaze his fans. Even revealing an unknown side of himself as he explains: 

"Triste is a heartfelt and strongly desired scream to a society that requires us to always be happy and 'at the top'. Through this record I put myself for the first time really naked, freeing myself from pointless thoughts and masks, showing also the most fragile and melancholic side of my personality. I'm not (only) a sad person, and yet, the need to be this too, has become so strong in me that I have to show it with the most powerful means of communication at my disposal: my music, the title of my first album".

A choice against the current made also to emphasize how "in an age where you have to be always fun and cool on social media, I wanted to make it clear that it is not a real thing." 

In spite of the title, the nine tracks of the album have a danceable and funny mood, with sounds not only typical of rap and trap, but with interesting Afro and Latin influences that bordered on the dance hall, and also towards more blues atmospheres. There are many guests on the project: from Lo Stato Sociale in Londra to Tony Effe in the reggaeton Papi Chulo, from Sick Luke to the renewed partnership with Pankees, up to the featuring of DJ TY1 in the track Gang gang (primo).

The album, available on all streaming platforms, digital stores and in all record stores, anticipates an in-store tour where Samuel will meet the fans and will start Sunday, May 19 with a double appointment, first in Varese and then in Milan, to continue Monday, May 20 in Turin, Tuesday, May 21 in Genoa, Wednesday, May 22 first in Lucca and then in Florence and Thursday, May 23 in Rome. From June the rapper will perform in various festivals and events around Italy. 

Here the tracklist of Triste:

1. Che Palle
2. Ubriaco
3. Gang (Ora)
4. Londra Feat. Lo Stato Sociale
5. Chissenefrega
6. FB
7. Papi Chulo Feat. Tony Effe
8. Gang Gang (Prima) Feat. TY1
9. Napapijri Feat. Wayne Santana e Pyrex