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The ghost song of Kanye West

"IDK" was online only for 30 minutes

The ghost song of Kanye West IDK was online only for 30 minutes

Last night I was on the sofa and while I was bored to watch Lazio-Inter I started the classic scroll at the end of the evening and I realized that the Internet was breaking. Mr. Kanye West deletes his Instagram account and at the same time on Apple Music comes out what should have been a demo of a new piece of Mr. West, the title: IDK. After an hour the piece was deleted from the face of the Earth, disappears from every possible site and of course also from the official Apple Music page of ye. Luckily I managed to hear it and I can tell you that:

A) The voice was not of Kanye

B) The single was incredible

C) There is no more on Internet


At the request for explanations the entourage of Yeezus replied that the piece is not attributable in any way to Kanye or to anyone who represents his team and that an hacker cracked his Apple Music account. The piece in question for now remains a mystery.

The only track left of the piece is this, small pieces but it can represent quite well what kind of piece it was.