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How is Trap Lovers, the new DPG's record

Trap Lovers is the record you like even if you don’t want to admit it

How is Trap Lovers, the new DPG's record  Trap Lovers is the record you like even if you don’t want to admit it

They seemed to be a great meme with a beat attached but the guys from Dark Polo Gang denied all the possible and imaginable lol's on their project with this record. Trap Lovers is a new deep work, different from the others for many reasons: first of all, the goodbye of Side - aka Arturo – due to a drug problem and his strong desire to start with a personal project different from this one.

Switched from self-production and homemade videos to a real management (namely Newtopia, which is Fedez) with a major label (Universal Music Italia), Wayne, Pyrex, and Tony have given a twist to their street life of pischelletti to put the hands on their first real record. This might be the first sign of a normalization of trap music within the Italian record industry… or not? The signs leave no room for doubts: since the demand of the public has become so insistent (just think about how many boys dressed like you see in the streets or Treccani who has inserted the word "bufu" in the dictionary), even the market needs to begin to adapt.

Trap Lovers is a work in collaboration with Sick Luke, as the tradition dictates, but also with Michele Canova, well-known producer and composer. To give you an idea: he produced the entire discography of Tiziano Ferro, working, among others, with Jovanotti, Fabri Fibra and Fedez himself, who is now the band's manager.

Twelve tracks marked on the growth (perhaps not too consciously) of the three boys from the richest neighborhoods of Rome with nothing to lose. Be careful: do not expect a radical change in lines with religion or geopolitics. There are still luxury cars, big money, drugs, hotels, and bags from Chanel, but all of this is pervaded by a bittersweet atmosphere, a strong awareness that resizes the lives of Pyrex, Wayne, and Tony, allowing them to detach - as far as possible - from the preponderant materialism in their latest work. In doing so, they arrive at the most frugal revelations of their success. We find this spirit in pieces like Cambiare adesso: "adesso ho più soldi ma meno affetto / con i soldi non ci compri il rispetto". In general, we can find more technical arrangements and much less commercial lyrics than in the old works.

This first track of the album is the manifesto of the new DPG, aimed at their long-term fans but also to those who have always seen them as a freak show. A deep, incisive piece, (it would almost be abnormal), which seems - for once - can put the gang completely honestly in front of what they have become. Will the collaboration with the producer Michele Canova have been the decisive turning point? Toy Boy - in addition to the famous "British" that this summer has climbed all the charts conquering the platinum record - is another of the most successful songs: the almost futuristic sounds and the most sincere lyrics really give the impression that the gang wants to leave aside the clichés and provocations of the old "Cavallini on my shirt" style, to concentrate and show what they really can do.


To all this we add a delightful note: during all 36 minutes of the record there is a new (and unexpected) breach opened by the verses of Trap Lovers, where the love and the pink shades of life of the three boys come to the surface in a natural and irrepressible way. Incredibly, terms related to feelings are used as much as those on money, jewelry and guns, but often returning with a sudden jump to reality. It is almost as if the DPG realized just in time that they had let go a bit too much and wanted to return quickly on the safe track of those who have a heart of ice and can not be hurt. Things like "problemi di cuore / non ricordo il suo nome / anche se fuori piove / vince sempre l’amore" in Uomini e Donne violently alternate with shining examples of indifference like Acqua Fiji: "non ho bisogno di te / ho tempo solo per la gang"and to classic moments of sufficiency and starvation in the Dark Polo Gang mood as:" baby che noia / spendo soldi da Goyard / sono sporco di soia "in Baby Che Noia.

In short, not just slogans and phrases to use in the Instagram stories: after an endless series of attempts, between mixtapes and tests in duo and as soloists, the three boys seem to have embarked on a road made for them with this first real record. Trap Lovers maybe will not be the record of our life but we put it among the best of the month, absolutely certain that the Dark Polo Gang will be remembered in ten years.