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Interview with Frah Quintale

The new talent of Italian music

Interview with Frah Quintale  The new talent of Italian music

Francesco Servidei, better known as Frah Quintale, born in 1989 in Brescia, is living a magical moment. In his 2017 album Regardez Moi, he managed to mix rap and indie music, singing about a year of loves and disappoinments. The record was a big success among both audience and critics. He's now on tour all over Italy and has just released the surprise single Stupefacente. Here's what he told to nss. 


#1 Our first question is: how did all this happen? Things have changed quickly since you dropped Idiot Savant: now you have sold-out tour dates and thousands of people singing your hit 8 Miliardi di Persone. How do you feel about it? 

Of course I'm very happy, but it wasn't something that happened all of a sudden. I've been working for several years to make my dream come true and I'm glad that my efforts have been repaid. I'm very chill, this has always been my job. The project has been growing for years and now has finally reached a high point. I'm a realistic and grounded person but I have to say I'm extremely happy right now. 

#2 What's your take on social media? You often post pictures, but above all you share thoughts, memories, stories from the past. Do you consider your profile a kind of diary? A not-so-secret diary... 

Yes, not secret at all. Actually right now I'm trying to share less, I think that certain things need to get out in the right moments. The real intimacy there's only in the songs, where it belongs. I would like the social media to be a sort of reference: it's normal that people follow me, as it is normal to share some moments of my life, but I'm not a social media addict, I'm not obsessed. Certain details and stories, though, are meant to be expresssed only through music. 

#3 You just dropped a song in collaboration with Giorgio Poi, Missili. How did this come about? 

I live and work in Milan, quite close to the Takagi&Ketra's studio. I met them and we were like "Why don't we go in the studio and see what happens?". They were working on this track with Giorgio Poi: he had the chorus ready so I added the guitar riff. When Giorgio couldn't find the right verses the producers called me and asked if I was willing do it. Of course I got excited and I accepted immediately. Until then Giorgio and I had only been texting, we met in the studio: we finished the song together and wrote the last part of it always together. We basically met working and I'm very happy of this collaboration. We are a nice group of friends now, also with the guys of Bomba Dischi. The audience has been very responsive to this song: when we play it live there's always a big roar. 

#4 In the future you will work only on music? The Frah we've learnt to know is not afraid of showing his most melancholic and romantic side, as a real writer does. Have you ever thought of writing a book? 

No, never, that's not really for me. It's all about orthography and punctuation, I would make a fool of myself, even though with social media I've become quite good at writing. Life's unpredictable but I'd rather create an illustrated book: drawing and illustration are my business. I like writing lyrics, music is where I perform the best. And honestly I wouldn't even know what to write about! 

#5 Tell us two things that people don't know about you. 

Well if they don't know, there's a reason. If you really want a scoop, I can tell you this: orange is one of my favourite colors. 

#6 What are your plans for the summer? 

We have a big tour ahead of us, we've already done three shows. We have many dates and festivals planned, all aorund Italy. I'm super happy because I will live as a gypsy, moving around on cars and vans. I even managed to find a week to relax a bit in Barcelona, so that's perfect. It's going to be an amazing summer that I won't forget very easily.