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An exclusive interview with Ghemon

the Summer tour and his future projects

An exclusive interview with Ghemon  the Summer tour and his future projects

Ghemon is an Italian rapper whose music is a mix of soul, pop and rap sounds. We met him after a date of his Summer tour to ask him what’s going on.

What has changed after your show on May 1st?

It’s been a very important moment because that stage has a big value. It made me understand I’m doing well, but I’m never satisfied so I keep on trying to understand how to do better.

You decided to take your distances from the rap world when you realized it was becoming a mass phenomenon. This was an affirmation of your artistic identity. How did it happen?

I never denied my origins but my perception of art is wider. I don’t care if I mix 5 genres but that I do it well.

"Dal Furgone Di Ghemon" S01E02Titolo: "G e i problemi di Facebook"

Posted by Ghemon on Mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

After your album came out, everyone was curious to know if your voice would have sounded the same live. You proved it right. How does it feel to have such a responsibility?

Nobody believed in me as a singer. But I did! Everything is about determination and hard work, I keep on studying to improve my voice and my performance.

You take a lot of care of the social side of your career, especially during the tours. How important it is today?

I learnt to share with the others even if I’m normally pretty shy. Gianluca is a thing and Ghemon is another.

The best moment of the tour: I’ll tell you in November, at the end of the tour.

The piece the audience understands better: “Nessuno Vale Quanto Te” and “Veleno”

The one you like the most to play live: “Non Spegnermi”

An element you would like to add to the show: lights with 3d animations.

How long till the next album? The time you need for all the beautiful things.

Pic by Serena Sammarco