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Interview with Fabri Fibra

Waiting for his live performance at Nameless

Interview with Fabri Fibra  Waiting for his live performance at Nameless

It's impossible not to know who's Fabri Fibra. Italian rapper born in 1976, he conquered the Bel Paese with successes, with historical albums like Mr. Simpatia (2005), and memorable singles like Tranne te or the more recent Pamplona. The stage is his home and the controversies are part of his everyday life, but that's the Fabri Fabri's best part because he is this, he is not afraid to talk and show himself in all his faults and Italy loves him for this reason.

Last summer he conquered his fans again with Stavo pensando a te (song of the album Fenomeno), hit that has ousted the "opponents" in the music rankings for months and perfect song to listen to loop in headphones at full volume.

The myth returns but this time exclusively for the Nameless Music Festival of Lecco, for a special live the first June. We had a chat with him, to raise some curiosity... discover what he told us!


#1 We could say you’re the father of Italian rap: you’re the first name that comes to mind when we think about hip-hop made in Italy. After many years, your songs are still in the charts and you are still playing the most important gigs. It’s your first time at Nameless: what do you think of these music initiatives bringing together different Italian artists, especially from the hip-hop and trap world as in this case? All friends or tensions behind the scenes?

I’m glad I get to share the stage with Sfera and Guè. Nameless is a great organization that over the years has created a new and improved way of organizing events and festivals, even in Italy. I’m honored to be here this year with fellow artists from the Italian rap. 


#2 How has Fibra changed over the years, from Mr. Simpatia album to the latest Fenomeno?

14 years have passed. That’s all I see. I like writing and I keep doing it because I feel there’s always something I want to tell. In life everything changes, especially between your twenties and forties, and if you don’t evolve you might go crazy. Fenomeno came out just how I wanted, I meant to say those things in that particular way and I’m happy with it, like 14 years ago I was happy with Mr Simpatia.

#3 Okay, enough with old style questions. What do you like and what you don’t about trap music?

I would say they were more nostalgic questions. Apparently in this country you’re not old even when you’re 80 years old. I like trap that has an identity in the Italian context. I don’t appreciate artists who don’t add anything new, original and personal to what American trappers do, but become their perfect copy. I think it’s a missed opportunity. That’s what I say also in Non siamo in America (We're not in America) a song released only for TRX Radio, the radio app I founded with other colleagues.  


#4 With which Italian artist you wished you had collaborated?

That’s a classic question… I made songs with many artists and I will collaborate with others, not all of them though…

#5 Stavo pensando a te (I was thinking about you) is the title of your latest hit song, a romantic track nobody saw coming from you. Will Fibra be always more romantic in the future? 

You think I’m romantic? Cool. I actually dealt with pretty strong themes in the text so I thought that maybe not everyone would appreciate it. But that’s how I wanted to write it. I’m proud of this work because my producer Big Fish, who I’ve been working with for years, and I did everything by ourselves. These days everyone has a ghostwriter or an author so it’s pretty cool we created a “handcrafted” hit, isn’t it?