Have you ever known when a big thing become something tremendously bigger? So big to catch anyone attention without distinction? Well this happened the last February 13th, when an unknown guy from Naples shared on his YouTube channel a song, that song: 9 MAGGIO. The whole Italy was hit by the Liberato phenomena, but he was able to hit also another very different reality located in a special different city: Rome.

We are talking about Touch The Wood, wait, Marco G. & Mr.Kite the minds behind the Must of the Rome nightlife since 2007 that’s offering to the capital the best yesterday and today music. They were also invested by the Liberato’s beats, and decided to create a fresh remix of one of his loved singles: me staje appennenn amò. The sound of Touch The Wood infused within the sonority of the Neapolitan artist creates a mix that comunicate the common point between this two apparently different reality: the love for the music and for a past that always put its sign on the future.

The roots are again the right card for the success.

Discover with us and the guys of Touch The Wood the special remix of me staje appennenn amò