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Have a look at Pioneer DJ event w/ DJ Albertino

During the event we've talk with the special guest DJ Albertino

Have a look at Pioneer DJ event w/ DJ Albertino  During the event we've talk with the special guest DJ Albertino

DJing today means giving life to music, experimenting with it and having the opportunity to discover all the secrets of sound, generating always new, fresh, current, energetic.

Pioneer DJ is one of the main giants of the environment, always able to keep up and, during the event held last Monday, March 26 at the SAE Institute, presented what will be the future of DJing: DJS-1000. It is an innovative sampler for creative and unique performances, characterized by an easy-to-use interface, 16 multicolored step keys and 16 multicolored Performance Pads.

Together with it, Pioneer DJ presented WeDJ App, a new technology, comfort like never before and easy to transport.

Special guest on occasion was the famous Italian DJ Albertino, an expert in the field, he revealed something about this profession and about what is the music world.


#1 The piece that you would never stop playing in clubs?

The piece that I have NEVER stopped playing in the disco ... it is Sweet Dreams of Eurythmics, but in different versions, of course, because then the sounds change and you must also adapt them.


#2 From the beginning of your career to today, how has Italian music changed and how do you see it today?

Ah, I'm not a big fan of Italian music, but my work leads me to listen everything. When I was a kid there were these songwriters as Francesco De Gregori, who is a giant; then Vasco that I like so much. I was an hip hop fan so I followed so much the scene of the 90s, Articolo 31, Mixed Blood, etc.

In recent times there is another interesting wave of Trap or Hip Hop that you do not understand as well as they want to call ... something good and something fake that only children love. Then there are some realities ... Lorenzo very good and friend ... Cremonini is now a big ... The Giornalisti I like very much ... I like Calcutta ... mmmm there are some Italian things that I like.


#3 The DJ can have different functions: to test his new tracks on the public if he produces, to show the technicalities (like A-Track or Saran Muzik) or be a mass/track fomentor (Steve Aoki). A new DJ who approaches this world in which percentages must be more one or more the other?

Look I'm not much for the "jumping" DJ  that ... I find that I'm more for the substance, so ... Steve Aoki, who I met ... Steve Aoki is a great performer for me, more than a good DJ because in any case I do not like music that he does ... I'm more for DJs who have a great music selection and a good technique ... that's the direction that I would take .