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Not even Apple employees know how to work Apple Vision Pro

Releasing on February 2 exclusively in the United States

Not even Apple employees know how to work Apple Vision Pro Releasing on February 2 exclusively in the United States

Over the years, Apple has accustomed us to the launch of innovative products, such as AirTag, Apple Watch, AirPods Max, and much more. None of these, however, has garnered the attention of the Apple Vision Pro, the new headset created by the Cupertino company. It is an augmented reality headset that seamlessly integrates the real world with the digital one, creating a continuous immersive experience: Apple describes this innovative experience as "spatial computing." As one can imagine, the Apple Vision Pro is the most disruptive and "complex" product among those launched in recent years by the company, which is why the company's precautions reach a decidedly high level. In fact, as reported by Bloomberg, Apple is teaching its employees, through training sessions, the exact functioning of the Apple Vision Pro. Apple store employees must not only understand the device's features but also many other details useful for in-store sales.

Interested individuals can purchase additional components of the device that need to be delicately inserted into the purchase box by Apple store employees. It will be possible to pay $150 to add prescription lenses to the Apple Vision Pro. The training sessions attended by Apple employees will last two days and can be participated in during the middle weeks of January. Other news suggests that Apple's initiative aims to enhance the user experience from the moment a potential customer shows interest in purchasing in-store: the device must fit perfectly to the user's head to ensure proper functionality. Yet, with these precautions, Apple will only be able to solve some of the difficulties the device may encounter at the time of its market launch: after all, it is still a device that comes with a retail price around €3500.

Apple has announced that the release is scheduled for February 2nd, while preorders will be available starting from January 19th. At the moment, the product remains exclusive to the United States. The announcement of the official release date of Apple Vision Pro was accompanied by a statement from Tim Cook, Apple's CEO: «The era of spatial computing has arrived,» conveying a more than justified enthusiasm, considering the impact the device can have on the technology sector.