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The new Apple device looks like a toaster

P.S: It won't be for sale

The new Apple device looks like a toaster P.S: It won't be for sale

Apple has recently been in the spotlight thanks to the launch of Vision Pro, a product as futuristic as it is expensive, already turned into a meme on TikTok, Instagram, and X, and seems to intend to continue on the path of items that can spark discussion, both for their actual utility and for their design. According to reports from the X MacGeneration account and the French website iGeneration, the Cupertino company is experimenting with a machine that updates devices while they are still sealed. It should be called Presto, and considering that it is an item that almost certainly will not be commercialized but used only in Apple's production departments, the news shouldn't be very interesting, yet it has already managed to attract attention especially thanks to a unique design reminiscent of a toaster.

From the photo shared by MacGeneration, it can be seen that the machine is indeed similar to a toaster, having six drawers in which six iPhones with their respective packaging can be inserted. Often, new iPhones remain inside their boxes for months before being sold, and during that time, Apple releases new iOS updates introducing new features and bug fixes, which, obviously, do not automatically install on unopened phones. Therefore, Presto's task will be to address the update issue before it even arises. According to reports, Presto's operating system can update iPhones still in the package within 15-30 minutes. What can make Apple users smile is that the launch of Presto will not affect their savings.