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Tinder Select is the new dating function for the 1%

What is included in the exclusive subscription for VIP users

Tinder Select is the new dating function for the 1% What is included in the exclusive subscription for VIP users

The world of dating apps is now divided into two major categories: the "democratic" apps like Tinder and the more exclusive (and expensive) circles like Raya. More and more people are willing to pay to filter and manage their potential connections efficiently. To fill this gap, Tinder has launched the new subscription Tinder Select - a kind of ultra-VIP offer, an exclusive premium subscription costing $499 per month (about 6,000 per year). The exact euro cost is not specified on the Italian Tinder site, but payment is required. This deliciously scandalous amount confirms the increasingly elitist approach to dating apps. Access to this plan is limited to a small number of users, only 1% of the most active on the platform.

Potential candidates undergo a verification process called 5-Points Select Screen. To be considered, profiles must meet various requirements, including at least four photos, five selected interests, a biography of at least 15 characters, and the verification check. Despite the strict requirements, you can still apply even if your profile doesn't meet all of them, but you must be willing to modify it during the selection process. It's unclear how users will be selected, although it is presumed that the criteria will be similar to Raya: a mix of app activity level, social class, and physical attractiveness. If the costly service is based on the allure of the 1%, it's natural that some selection criteria exist. It could also be assumed that this service aims to address Raya's famous problem of presenting profiles that are sometimes very distant - a significant issue with regular Tinder as well.

The new Tinder Select offers several advantages, including the ability to send direct messages, a special status with an exclusive Select badge, and the "skip the line" feature. Select users can contact potential interests before matching, giving them a unique advantage. The "skip the line" feature ensures that their profile is displayed among the first in the list of likes received for seven days, even by those without a Select profile. There will also be a SELECT Mode that the app defines as: "Your profile will be seen by people with the most interesting profiles on Tinder (and you can see theirs!)." Tinder's parent company, Match Group Inc., planned the introduction of this expensive subscription since 2019. After an initial limited access period, Select will become available to all users in rotation, but access will remain subject to meeting the minimum profile quality requirements.