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nss opens a newsstand in the heart of Naples

A physical space for the promotion of Neapolitan culture

nss opens a newsstand in the heart of Naples  A physical space for the promotion of Neapolitan culture

Just as 2023 marked the beginning of a new era for the city of Naples, this year nss has achieved remarkable milestones, from the launch of nss France to the recent premiere of the documentary J'Adore Napoli: Lost in New York. If nss initiatives continue to captivate increasingly broader audiences, it is mainly thanks to Naples and its overwhelming enthusiasm, the driving force that has allowed an independent media like nss to strive for ever more ambitious goals. For this reason, on December 6th, nss will return to the heart of the city with J'Adore Napoli Experience, a project promoting the territory and Neapolitan culture, rich in exclusive activities, including the special inauguration of a kiosk in the historic center of Naples.

In a moment of vibrant cultural expansion for Naples, nss will once again celebrate its city with three days of immersive experiences dedicated to Neapolitan culture. Starting from December 6th, nss will unveil a space for enthusiasts and the curious, a kiosk in Piazza San Pasquale to promote the culture of its hometown and ignite new debates on its progress. A series of activities aimed at safeguarding the Neapolitan cultural heritage will color the streets of the center, from the opening party of the kiosk to the Naples tour and dinner at the legendary Mimì alla Ferrovia. An attraction point for collaborations, ideas, and projects, a physical catalyst for the project and the official store of the J'Adore Napoli initiative, the kiosk embodies nss's daily commitment to the artistic and commercial revaluation of the city of Naples.

Until December 8th, local communities and international guests will come together for a series of events aimed at telling the New Naples. After the opening of the kiosk on December 6th starting at 6:00 PM, J'Adore Napoli will unveil a new collection and a unique editorial collaboration, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to charity. To discover more about the activities of J'Adore Napoli Experience, stay tuned.