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Thirteen songs to celebrate Pino Daniele Day

Chosen by thirteen Neapolitan artists

Thirteen songs to celebrate Pino Daniele Day  Chosen by thirteen Neapolitan artists

On March 19th, in Italy, it marks not only Father's Day but also Pino Daniele Day, a day to remember one of the most innovative authors in the country's music scene. Over a career spanning more than forty years, the songs of Pino Daniele have left an indelible mark on Neapolitan culture and beyond. The artist's compositions were not just simple songs but pulsating manifestations of an entire artistic movement that he himself initiated, from Neapolitan Power to the tarumbò style, of which he is the founder. From contributions to the soundtracks of the most famous films by Massimo Troisi, such as Ricomincio da tre and Pensavo fosse amore, to collaborations with music giants like Eric Clapton, each of the projects Pino Daniele worked on managed to find an unparalleled meeting point between tradition and modernity. This combination is celebrated today, on the artist's birthday and exactly forty years after the release of his first live album, "Sció Live". On the occasion of Pino Daniele Day, we asked thirteen talents from Naples which of the artist's songs they hold closest to their hearts.

Singer-songwriter Veronica Simioli and producer Dat Boi Dee chose Quando, because it embodies the carnal and melancholic poetic of Naples; Ferdy Iacone instead recounted that E cerca ‘e me capì is the song he loves the most by Pino Daniele, a track that brings him back to past pains. Disco sleaze artist Manny Whodamanny pointed out Cumbà, a unique song for its blend of different rhythms and languages, while the duo Thanksmate spoke of the transformative value of Ma che mania, in which Pino Daniele best expresses his talent in addressing profound themes with irony. In Pellegrino's list of favorite records, there's not just one Pino Daniele song, he highlights Appocundria, because it's a timeless poem and Sud, scavame a' fossa, voglio muri co te as the summary of all the stylistic codes of Pino Daniele's art, from groove to melancholy. Vincenzo Paccone chose Anima, an invitation to reconnect with our emotional side. BPlan loves the truth and grit of Faccia gialla, a social manifesto of Naples in the '80s, while Gianpaolo Della Noce and Andrea de Fazio chose Just in mi and Viento 'e terra as their favorite songs. The song musician Andres Balbucea is most attached to is A me me piace o blues, a childhood memory he could never give up, while Bassolino's choice falls on the unforgettable sound of Sarà, a song where the timbre and form best express the innovative spirit of the singer-songwriter. Dast chose Je sto vicino a te, a song that brings him back into his mother's arms, while Fabiana Martone points us to Gesù Gesù as one of her favorite songs. This collection of memorable songs, all exemplary in the way they depict the myriad faces of Pino Daniele's music, reminds us how the singer-songwriter is still capable of «making us tremble with emotion» with every note, as Martone states.