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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 1 to 3 September

5 things to do in Milan this weekend  From 1 to 3 September

Here we are in the first days of September, the most controversial month of the year, loved by many for its weather but hated by just as many for the commitments it brings. This year, the month starts off best with a nice weekend. As per usual, the nss editorial staff has written a guide to fill your free days with events and great food. Here are 5 things to do in Milan this weekend:

To Eat - Faccio Cose Vedo Gente

For years, Faccio Cose Vedo Gente has been one of Milan's best-loved restaurants, but this summer the excitement has doubled with the opening of the new space in the Isola district. Whether for an aperitivo, lunch, or dinner, the delicious gigie and the cheerful, intimate atmosphere at Faccio Cose Vedo Gente always sounds like a good idea.

Via Garigliano, 5

To Discover - Mille e Una Luce

5 things to do in Milan this weekend  From 1 to 3 September | Image 465821

On Sunday 3 September, at the Libreria Bocca in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, artist Angela Giovi will be presenting 13 works entirely inspired by light. Recounting the artist's personal experience in relation to natural energy, the exhibition is a journey through chaos and the five senses, seen through works with a flaming chromatic charge.

Libreria Bocca, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 12

To Chill - Allangolare

Another second opening together with Faccio Cose Vedo Gente, this year the bistrot Allangolare has renewed its presence in the city of Milan by opening a new lounge in Via Porpora, finding a new space to offer its customers cocktails and simple dishes, rich in taste and quality ingredients. Open from 9 a.m., at Allangolare you can try coffee and buy interior design articles, staying until aperitif time in the company of friends.

Via Nicola Antonio Porpora, 95


To Shop -  Lego Store 

A trip to the new Lego store in Gae Aulenti is a great way to spend an afternoon immersed in the nostalgic and colourful charm of toys, taking a dip into the past and exploring new worlds with your imagination. Be it palaces, magic castles, dinosaurs or princesses, there is nothing better than a bit of healthy, joyful entertainment.

Piazza Gae Aulenti, 20124 Milano

To Club - Circolo Magnolia 

Like every summer weekend, Circolo Magnolia fills its spaces with music and fun with unmissable events. On Sunday 3 September, SO WHAT returns with a jazz and electronic music event featuring the world-famous DJ MCDE, followed by Another Taste, The Robinson and Abstract.

Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo, 41