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5 things to do in Paris this weekend

From 3 to 5 May

5 things to do in Paris this weekend  From 3 to 5 May

In the blink of an eye, the week is coming to an end, and here comes the weekend on the horizon. Meanwhile, spring has made its grand return to end our winter woes. It's time to enjoy the unusually mild temperatures and long days by venturing out of your cocoon. More than ever, the streets are buzzing with activities to satisfy all tastes. Discover now what the city has in store for you this weekend.


Where to Eat - Chez Becquetance

At the heart of the bustling Rue de Ménilmontant, where the alleyways tell stories, and the facades whisper the past, lies Becquetance. In the bright setting of a former abandoned Cambodian caterer, the birth of this pocket bistro was carefully orchestrated, combining contemporary minimalism and woody warmth. Every detail has been thought out, from local ceramics to dishes offered on the menu, refreshed every two days. Led by Anastasia in the kitchen and Vincent in the dining room, every detail has been thought out, from local ceramics to dishes offered on the menu, refreshed every two days. Whether you're a gourmet or just a lover of good food, Becquetance will enchant you, as it has enchanted the taste buds of the neighborhood. If you're in the 20th, we strongly advise you to make a detour, especially since this Friday marks the last service of resident chef Jeff Schilde.

67 Rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris


To Discover - "Meeting with Our Elders"

This Friday, May 23, an event of particular importance is announced in the circles of the African diaspora in France. It is the result of a collaboration between Histoires d’Afriques and Maison de la Conversation, entitled "Meeting with Our Elders". In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Maison de la Conversation, generations are preparing to meet: the youth, eager for knowledge, and the elders, bearers of wealth through their experience as the first generation of immigrants. This event encourages exchanges and conversations among participants. It will bring together five African parents, witnesses of this pivotal period in history, with the aim of promoting intergenerational exchange through individual stories. The main objective is to create an environment conducive to discussion, where stories, challenges, and successes can be freely shared.

12 Rue Maurice Grimaud, 75018 Paris


Where to Have Fun - At La Bellevilloise with Sous Les Pavés La Vigne

Attention all lovers of living, natural, biodynamic wines and the like, this event is made for you! From May 4 to 6, the Sous les Pavés La Vigne fair takes over La Bellevilloise, bringing together a variety of organic, biodynamic, and natural winemakers, both French and international. In addition to representatives from the wine world, brewers and distillers will also be present to showcase their products, accompanied by food stalls featuring local and seasonal products. On the agenda: tastings, talks, and surprises, all for the modest sum of 10 euros. The added bonus: each visitor will receive a collector's branded glass upon arrival.

19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris


Where to Shop - At Diemm

On the occasion of the much-awaited restock of "La Bourse", this must-have it-bag that has sparked excitement, we invite you to explore their website and discover the universe of this very promising brand founded by Léni Diémé. Born during the lockdown, it draws from the Senegalese origins of its creator as well as his love for music, having had a childhood immersed in RnB music, New York rap, reggae, and electro. This connection with music is reflected in the aesthetics and values of the brand, which seeks to convey messages about identity and origins. Diemm also merges African, New York, and Japanese influences to create a unique identity. The brand prioritizes French know-how and craftsmanship while remaining mindful of ethics and environmental impact, favoring pre-ordering and using sustainable materials. The result: simple yet poignant pieces, like the "La Bourse" it-bag. This authentic and committed approach allows the brand to stand out and gather a passionate community today.

Where to Party - At Cité Fertile with Kluster

This Saturday, the collective and label Kluster takes over La Cité Fertile for a day of DJ sets, mini-markets, and various activities. If this name is unfamiliar to you, Kluster is a reference in the Parisian techno scene. This collective embodies the party of tomorrow: artistic, engaged, and caring. Founded in Aubervilliers during Covid, it is somewhat a laboratory of ideas and artistic initiatives, determined to make the party scene more conscious and democratic. With a team of thirty dedicated volunteers, Kluster orchestrates multidisciplinary techno events throughout Seine-Saint-Denis, while promoting emerging artists through their label.

14 Av. Edouard Vaillant, 93500 Pantin