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5 Things to do in Milan this weekend

From 7 to 9 July

5 Things to do in Milan this weekend  From 7 to 9 July

It's July, but the weather in Milan doesn't seem to be too keen on it. And while many have managed to divert themselves to the seaside, to rest between the torpor of the hot sun and the sweet freshness of a good drink, there are those who still find themselves in the Milanese city, trying to work out whether or not they will need to take an umbrella with them. Don't worry, the nss editorial team has thought of you this week too. Here are five things to do this weekend, starting on Friday.

Where to eat in Milan - Una Cosa

The second opening of Ofelè Milano, a successful bar/restaurant since 2014, the new Una Cosa is the perfect meeting point for fans of comfort, Italian cuisine, and good company. Much like Ofelè, Una Cosa is open from morning to midnight, and offers homemade breakfasts, dishes full of fresh, green ingredients, and drinks designed to entice you to stay and drink «una cosa.»

via Scaldasole 7, Milano 

What to see in Milan - Siamo Foresta 

Siamo Foresta is an exhibition that brings together the works of no less than 27 international artists, and sets out to explore the relationship between art and nature, indigenous culture, and Western tradition, focusing on the equality between living beings and the geographical boundaries that divide peoples. In addition to being a beautiful panorama in which to immerse oneself and find serenity, the exhibition invites the visitor to question one's own point of view on contemporaneity.

Triennale Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6

Where to shop in Milan - Vecchi Libri in Piazza Diaz 

Like every second Sunday of the month, the arcades of Piazza Armando Diaz come alive thanks to the antique and rare books market, a parade of more than one hundred exhibitors with a nostalgic feel. One of the largest open-air events in Europe, Vecchi Libri in Piazza Diaz is an unmissable opportunity to spend a Sunday immersed in the past.

Piazza Armando Diaz, Milano 

Where to club in Milan - Magnolia 

This summer the Magnolia turns 18, a milestone that will be celebrated this Friday at the stroke of midnight in a flurry of guests that will tread the boards of Milan's best-loved club, such as Alice Glass, Boys Noize, Davide Ragazzoni and Edo Goodvibes.

Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 41, Milano 

Where to chill in Milan - CINEmare 

What could be better than sitting in front of a good film, in the open air and in the company of friends, while the dusk sky cools the summer air? The summer movie arena in headphones returns this summer with an all-new program, running from Thursday to Sunday from 10 p.m. onwards. This weekend's evenings include screenings of The Whale (2022), La Stranezza (2022), and The Quiet Girl (2022).

Piazza di Cenni di Cambiamento, Milano