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Spotify will soon look like TikTok

A new app design has been unveiled

Spotify will soon look like TikTok  A new app design has been unveiled

On 7 March, Spotify Stream On, the company's designated event to present its future plans, exclusively previewed the music streaming app's new features. Spotify will soon undergo a complete redesign, investing mainly in customisable technologies and the video format, that has always characterised the Chinese social TikTok. Spotify Stream On also revealed that the next update will introduce a vertical feed with a "discovery" and a "Smart Shuffle" area, two innovative ways to suggest songs, playlists and podcasts to users in an interactive way. Among the new expansions, the app will soon debut a video format for podcasts, which until now have only been available in audio.

While Smart Shuffle will only be available to subscribers, the vertical feed will progressively change the Spotify pages of listeners from all around the world. These new features, as announced by the company's top management at the event held in Los Angeles, will serve to make the Spotify interface more engaging, although among the main benefits for the company, greater potential for advertisements should certainly be highlighted. In much the same way as Instagram has introduced Reels in recent years, the addition of a video-driven format will keep Spotify users glued to the screen for longer, providing the company with enviable advertising traction.