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Challenging conventions in the project signed Giorgio Mallone and PULZE

With Not Your Usual to go beyond boundaries

Challenging conventions in the project signed Giorgio Mallone and PULZE  With Not Your Usual to go beyond boundaries

During Milan Fashion Week and in the evocative setting of Palazzina Appiani, the urban and contemporary reinterpretation of a timeless piece of men's fashion, the tuxedo, was staged. Through the concept of Not Your Usual, three words that encapsulate the desire to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary and discover what new awaits us, PULZE, the Imperial Brands brand operating through the Imperial Tobacco Italia subsidiary, presented the heated tobacco device in an exclusive drop collection signed by Giorgio Mallone. In fact, just like the designer's garments, whose work is a spokesperson for constant stylistic research beyond cultural and gender stereotypes, PULZE is an innovative, easy-to-use device, perfect for all adults who are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco and the moments of consumption it represents.

In a world punctuated by rules and expectations, PULZE takes up the challenge of becoming a next-generation product, just as Mallone has borrowed the codes and languages typical of urban culture to reinterpret the most classic and iconic fashion garment, which on this occasion takes on unusual and playful patterns, bold cuts, worn on the skin or combined with thin scarves that fall over dresses like a graceful train. A deconstructed, genderless, contemporary idea of the tuxedo that revolutionizes its meaning: "Participating in the launch of PULZE's Not Your Usual campaign means taking part in a creative and research process, culminating in a product that is attentive to the needs of an audience seeking a unique, new style, Not Your Usual" the designer explains. The result of years of international research, development, and investment, PULZE's technology offers a discharging case art-up, prolonged performance, and all-in-one (no need for a separate case for charging). Thanks to the Inside-Out mode, tobacco is heated internally through a ceramic element, ensuring a small and handy device with which you can switch between Standard heating mode, for a more intense experience, and Eco heating mode, to meet all needs.

For PULZE, heated tobacco is dedicated to moments of pause from the hectic pace of daily life, in a latest-generation device that completes a portfolio of new-generation products with no combustion and reduced risk potential from Imperial Brands. A daring attitude towards an ever-growing market that challenges the proposals already on the market with a practical and manageable alternative. Like the Mallone drop collection, which changes the codes and languages of urban culture to reinterpret fashion's most classic and iconic garment, so Pulze gives new meaning to the consumer experience with a new generation device, Not Your Usual, which is easy to use and works how you want, when you want.