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Pornhub launches a new series of online lessons

No, it's not your classic sex education

Pornhub launches a new series of online lessons No, it's not your classic sex education

It was Liz Goldwyn, an author, artist, and director belonging to the Hollywood Goldwyn dynasty, who collaborated with the adult e-commerce platform Pornhub to create a series consisting of six videos entitled Pornhub Literacy 101. Considering the fact that the platform logs more than 100 million visitors a day, Pornhub Literacy 101 stands as a guide on how to more consciously and safely interact with the controversial platform. Direct from the Pornhub website or YouTube channel, the series is already available.

Goldwyn is no stranger to the subject matter - her productions include the documentary Pretty Things (HBO, 2005), the book Sex, Health & Consciousness (Sounds True, 2022), and the educational multimedia center The Sex Ed - and she self-consciously argues that «It's important for me and for The Sex Ed to open up the dialogue about sex, health and consciousness to the widest possible audience, and who better to collaborate than Pornhub, whose analyses reveal an audience that rivals that of the major streaming giants?» Society is constantly having to interact with pornographic forms of entertainment, which is why, according to Goldwyn, there is a real need for literacy on the subject. And while most critics believe the platform should be shut down-especially given the fact that it has distributed and profited from rape and child abuse in the past-for the author, «pornography literacy is the first step to having the skills to process and understand our personal and collective relationship with adult content».

Shot in a highly stylized setting that winks at the golden age of cinema, Pornhub Literacy 101 also features some of the adult industry's biggest stars including Asa Akira, Kira Noir, Natassia Dreams, as well as Emily Willis and Ricky Johnson. In charge of the costumes, however, was Euphoria's costume designer Hedi Bevins. The final episode of the series is titled What is Pornhub's stance on trust and safety. It is the case that we may be looking at a new professional figure, that of the porn curator.