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Rankin's exhibition to open in Milan for MFW

@ Via Montenapoleone

Rankin's exhibition to open in Milan for MFW @ Via Montenapoleone

Rankin's new exhibition in Milan perfectly reflects the British photographer's eccentric style, scheduled to arrive in Via Montenapoleone with an original and unconventional concept. Scheduled to coincide with Milan Fashion Week, it will run from September 21 through 27 and if you won't find a specific address on the press release nor on the various websites is because Outside In - that's the explanatory title of the exhibition - will result in an open air performance, set straight on the road.

Via Montenapoleone, one of the main cores during Milan Fashion Week, will be invaded by a series of portraits of models taken from different perspectives, in white boxes placed along the street that will give the effect of an illusion, a trompe l'oeil.

The intent of the famous photographer is to explore the concept of the road, creating a sort of journey through the whole spectrum of human emotions, highlighting the feelings, and choosing an entirely new framework, accessible to all, which he seems really proud and enthusiastic of – considering it's also his very first exhibition in Italy.

[There are] no ticket prices, no queues, no being cut off from the world. It’s there for everyone to access, 24 hours a day, from shoppers and tourists during the day to party people at night, to the stragglers and the last ones standing at dawn. It’s going to be purely subjective. Worlds within worlds within worlds” he told WWD.