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Hello Brooklyn #9 - Radamiz

Introducing his first album 'Writeous'

Hello Brooklyn #9 - Radamiz Introducing his first album 'Writeous'

America, the place where everything seems to be possible, where working hard usually leads to success, where everybody comes from somewhere else. But as we all know, it's always up to us, and our own inner power to make things happen.

In this new issue of Hello Brooklyn I'll introduce you to someone who believes and achieves. Radamiz is an hip hop artist born and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, but originally from The Dominican Republic. He has just released his new album Writeous, in my opinion one of the best thing ever come out of an upcoming rap artist this year.

Great sounds, perfect sync and amazing collaborations with other mc's. You can find everything in Radamiz music: yourself, inspirations and the belief that everything is possible, if you really want it. 

#1 Who is Radamiz?

Answer: Radamiz is a limitless 23 year old kid who found Hip Hop at around 13 years old and hasn't looked back. I was raised by Dominican parents in Bed-Stuy and I care about pushing culture forward, especially in music. I give a fuck about bringing the best out of myself and those around me. I'm one of the founding members of Mogul Club and am here to stay forever. 

#2 Your biggest inspirations?

Answer: I'm inspired by all of the greats in whatever genre. Whether it be the chemistry between Outkast, Amy Winehouse's voice, Jay Z's hustle and advice, Jean-Michel Basquiat's honesty in his work, whatever. My parents struggled to make a living in this country and I'm inspired to give them the happiest ending to their story possible. I hear words when Miles Davis' "Blue in Green" is playing. I watched Thelonious Kapps when he was still performing in my High School lunchroom and turn into Theophilus London. I can't put down "A Course in Miracles" because it's inspiring me to be in tune with my spirit. I get it from all the greatness that surrounds me. 

#3 Do you think that living in NY is an advantage for artists?

Answer: for sure. You can complain all day about what NY doesn't do, but if it's one thing it has made me do it has made me earn my stripes. You can't tell me New York doesn't test your belief in your craft. We are one of the major cities in the world for music and I'm making it happen in my hometown. The city is alive like no other time right now and I'm proud to be one of the new greats that'll make it to the top while loving the roots and growing pains.

#4 What influences your writing?

Answer: I think one of the biggest motivators is the people I'm surrounded by and their dreams, whether they're still actively pursuing them or not. We all without limit, we're all perfect, and my purpose is to help everyone realize it as I strive to realize it for self. I know music can change someone's life in a major way because all my favorite artists have made me comfortable with being me. 

#5 What are the flaws and virtues in nowadays' music business (especially in the Hip Hop scene)?

Answer: the virtues are the FACT that all the hard work and love you put into your pieces will reflect in your life. Fuck the "industry", it's about the people you touch and the fact that they make me an artist that can support himself off his craft. My day is now. The "flaw" I see isn't really a flaw but a lack of balance maybe. Every new young artist doesn't have to make some turn up shit to have an ill show and make you feel something. The youth has to realize its power in a more major way, know that what we cosign is the essence to the now. You can love Lil Uzi Vert at the lit function and still play my shit at 3am on your walk home all at the same time.

#6 Tell us about your album, Writeous.

Answer: "Writeous" is the 11-song representation of where I currently stand with my spirit. It took 4 years of self growth and sonic growth to make. It's what I will look on now and be proud the same way as I will when I look back after all the fame and success. It's my root, my heart, because I made it with as much of my contemporary greats as I could. I stood for something with "Writeous" that the world can appreciate.

#7 Your biggest goal in life?

Answer: to know that everyday will feel like the best vacation, the last day of school before the summer. Every day will feel like I won a Grammy, like I bought my parents their dream house. Once I fully accept peace, everything is at 100. I'll get there. 

Listen to Radamix here: