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TWTWTW Party vol. 1

Interview with Stone Soup + Situ Entertainment

TWTWTW Party vol. 1 Interview with Stone Soup + Situ Entertainment

On Friday April 9, two realities as diverse as innovative as Brescia's Stone Soup store and Situ Entertainment - a company that provides lighting, audio and video services - have joined forces to create TWTWTW: the first party of a long series.

The passion and the desire to propose new initiatives for young people has led them to begin this partnership with the aim of offering a number of parties different from the traditional proposals of Brescia's nightlife. We met Valerio Ghisi, Stone Soup manager and buyer, and Matteo Lanciani, one of Situ Entertainment's partners, to learn more about this new project.


#1 Entertainment and fashion. Where did the idea of the project come from?

V: Stone Soup has never been a simply store dedicated to the sale of cool products, but from day one was born as a reference point for young people. Me and my partner Alessandro, we really wanted it in a private alley where we could have created party and installations. We did crazy DJ set with Sita Abellan, Boychild, Larry B, Marvely Perseverance, created official events with Stussy and in December - in collaboration with Santa Giulia Academy - we created a TIE Fighter falling from the sky in our alley, the same day as the launch of the last Star Wars movie. In all of this the guys from Situ Entertainment have always given us great support, showing passion like us ... and where there is passion there is always space for new initiatives. Thats how TWTWTW is born, a party out of our fort.

M: We at Situ Entertainment immediately liked the energy and passion of the Stone Soup s guys and then we helped them technically to implement their ideas. After several months of collaboration we decided to do something bigger together: an event that could left its mark, with attention to detail and that differed from the normal proposal of Brescia nightlife.

#2 Your first party took place on April 9. Are you satisfied about the result?

V: None of us has defined experience in the clubbing night. We brought over 600 people to a party without let them know destination or program for the night. A crazy result! But this is only a first step, I love perfectionism and so I know that there will always be something to improve.

M: Our creature is born! The objectives that we set ourselves have been achieved: to create a crazy hype in the weeks previous the party, hammering our audience with 3 basic information: secret location, 04.09.2016, #TWTWTW. We made a series of invitations contained within completely-customized pharmaceutical vials that slowly started to become viral. Everyone knew but no one knew the details. Amazing!

#3 What do you think are the strengths of this initiative? What differentiates from the other parties on the market?

V: Our goal is always to bring something innovative. Our ability is to connect the most alternative world stage, that we attend and love, with our social fabric. It's not easy. The Italian media culture is afraid of the new, whether it's a brand or a music genre, tend to prefer more what is now consolidated and statement. Its a risky challenge, but today  differentiate themselves in the market is an absolute necessity.

M: Propose something alternative and cured very accurately. Stone Soup travels the world to find and offer its customers the top clothing and style, Situ Entertainment does the same by visiting fairs / events / local / installations thicker for must capture the secrets and reinvent their productions using the materials and latest technologies. The location chosen for the first party could let you understand this speech better: Villa Mazzucchelli, a beautiful eighteenth-century building worthy of the best scenes of Eyes Whide Shut prepared at all points like a real club. The sacred and the profane, the feeling that our guests have had entering the villa was exactly this, the main room with high frescoed dome ceiling 20 meters combined with modern construction pylons loads of lighting material and scenic. A bomb!

#4 Which are your goals for the future?

V: We will continue to promote and market the coolest and unique brand and we will try to entertain our customers with exclusive events. We will continue to invest in research, we  will travel more and more to learn, experiment and bring adrenaline that very few cities in the world are able to pass.

M: We're just beginning and we believe we have extensive margins for improvement. We will continue to seek unconventional location to offer our guests more and more spectacular and unique events. Brescia has a large audience eager to try something different from the usual cube and black local.

#5 Can you tell us something about your next appointment?

V: Los Angeles at the moment is the most explosive and fashionable cultural scene, the true avant-garde center of gravity. Geographies of fashion are changing also because of this adrenaline that reigns in Southern California. Let's see if we can bring some of all these good vibes in our city.

M: SPOILER ?! The number one rule is to create hype! For now, their mouths are sewn, we enjoy the picture and video material generated Saturday and rest the mind and knees. We already have several ideas for the coming months, you'll be the first to know.