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Cher's top five Fashion Moments

Cher's top five Fashion Moments

Muse. Icon. Star.

Cher has many shades: partner of Sonny Bono, model, singer, actress, mother, sex symbol, eater, plastic surgery addicted, chameleonic artist. And now she's the face of Marc Jacobs.

“I’ve always taken risks and never worried what the world might really think of me."

Her long black hair, slim and slender physique, the decisive lines gave the perfect base on which to build a 'whole career, the thousand disguises, the skimpy clothes of Bob Mackie and his stubborn talent have consecrated the icon, also and especially style.

A style that made history, often debated and debatable, but always unique because as you used to say 

"I wear my clothes, my clothes don't wear me."

She touched the top of the cool and the depths of the trash.

Who does not remember in the late '80s sing aboard the American ship USS Missouri "If I Could Turn Back Time" wearing thong, fishnet stockings and jacket in jeans? Or get the Oscar in 1986 with a black dress and big head feather headdress? Or the famous shot of her ass, many years before Kim Kardashian split open the web, built by Herb Ritts?

Here our five fav fashion moments, perhaps the most famous, but the ones we love the most

1. The Vogue girl

2. The wild disco girl

3. The easy girl

4. The shiny star

5. The movie girl