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Ronnie Fieg Interview

KITH Home Field Advantage Collection at Slam Jam Milano

Ronnie Fieg Interview KITH Home Field Advantage Collection at Slam Jam Milano

Born in Queens and raised eating bread and sportswear, Ronnie Fieg is the classic example of a person who has streetwear flowing in his veins instead of blood. He's the founder and the owner of KITH, clothing line and retail space - with stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn and a webstore - as well as the creative mind behind countless collaborations with various footwear brands - as Timberland, Asics, New Balance and Buscemi. Basically he's the perfect person whom contact in case you don't know what kind of sneaker to buy or how to best match your new varsity.

We met him at the opening of its pop-up store in Milan, at Slam Jam Milano.

Moral of the story: yes, in the world of streetwear humble, practical, competent and incredibly human people still exist.

#1 What's the concept behind your Home Field Advantage Collection?

Bring fabrics that american brands have used historically and american inspiring colours red white blue; the meaning of "home field advantage" is when two teams play together and they play in their stadium. 

#2 Why did you choose slam jam as partner retailer for the release of your new line?

Because Milan is an important city for fashion and cause slam jam has ben around for more then 25 years, doing an amazing job esthetically and presenting the products in the best way. they're my favourite partner in Italy and one of my favourite partners in the world

#3 What's your favourite piece/garment from the home field advantage collection?

Fish tail jackets but also the double zipper shirt (instead of the bottons)

#4 What "streetwear" means to you? what do you think about the current landscape of fashion?

I don't think that this is really streetwear but streetwear, street fashion menswear and all together in one. My current view on street fashion: I think that it has many young designers and it's a very crowded and saturated panorama.

#5 What's the best part of your job? what make you smile when you come back home in the evening?

When I travel all around the world with the people of my team, when I experience other cities and other people, like now.

#6 You have a wide network of relationships with a variety of clothing and footwear brands: what's, for you, the best collaboration you ever did? 

My collaborations are like my children: I like them all the same. for instance I've just released a collaboration in Japan and it's very special for me cause Tokyo is my fav city in the world and we've got to release a project based on the Cherry Blossom; for me it was one of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and it was a very special moment cause it lasts just one week and I like how the people celebrate it; releasing this project with all my team one month ago was a very important moment for the brand.