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Fake fashion: yes or not?

Reflections after an Istanbul trip

Fake fashion: yes or not? Reflections after an Istanbul trip

Istanbul, August 2014. 

When you explore a new culture you are ready to snatch every detail, in my case the reasearch for new trends and some much-needed shopping. 

Turkey, famous for the value of the fabrics, gave us an opportunity for reflection. 

The center of Istanbul is divided into large areas that have suffered over different influences. Istiklal Caddesi is the heart of contemporary life, has not been spared by globalization, in fact in this area mastered fast fashion’s shops. In most historic neighborhood, close to Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque, you can find shops selling pashminas, all quite similar each other. The art of bargaining prevails here, you will never know how much is really a leader and the Turkish Lira Euro-does not help European to reason. 

In any self-respecting tourist guide who speaks in the Grand Bazaar, a visit is a must. 

For fashionistas  this place means a real shock. Thousands meters of tiny shops. From jewelry, carpets, appliances and food. But the real blow is carried down to the bags section. Replicas of each brand of trendy, perfect reproductions at bargain prices. Even collections that have marched a few months earlier. I'm not talking about banal Louis Vuitton Speedy (which can also be found in the centers of our cities), but sought after pieces of trend, Chanel Boy Bag, Moschino backpacks, Stella McCartney clutch bag, any size and color variation of Celine Square and Trio Bag , Prada like it rains.

After the initial blunder, guys at the heart of a fashionista can’t be controlled, I decided not to yield. 

But why the world of fake fashion fascinates us so much? is a game of consciousness that is played on 4 banal points. 

$$$. The money question is the main one, we drooled for months over a bag and carefully considered selling organs on the black market, but nothing, poverty pervades us. Then the evil intentions are revealed, and we begin to lengthen the eye to the world of Tarot. A virtual hug to all those who will not give up. 

Faithful replicas. The sirens of counterfeiting are worse than Satan. Our brain wants to justify the gesture with the classic "but they are so much alike, who do you think will notice." But no, there will be around smart that will make the light with all your friends. Your fashion-credibility arrive at historic lows. 

Illegal. Come on, it's illegal. Millions of Euros thrown to the wind. Imagine the poor designer who creates his bosses with so much love and you destroyed her work with 4 stalls money: do not do it. If we add the doubt on the manufacture (exploited children?) Have 10 kg of guilt more. 

Appareance. We Italians we are slaves, appearance is everything. Logos and trademarks are our daily bread, but they cost. For this reason, the risk of falling into the trap of the fake is around the corner. We can do it with a good research you can find similar clothes to those that we love, but not counterfeit. 

The fight to the tarot is tough, but we are armed with good intentions. 



Ps. A warm thanks to Elena and Chiara that I have banned the purchase of a fake Céline at the Grand Bazaar, weakness ugly beast.