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The best 5 Fairy fashion week moments

Once upon a time...

The best 5 Fairy fashion week moments Once upon a time...

Once upon a time the fashion week. And there were once princesses, queens, wolves, mythical creatures and inhabitants of the forest. For the fall/winter 2014 collections designers made ​​us go back girls, telling us wonderful tales, adorned with laces, brocades but also 3D prints, fur and embroidery. 

The fashion week is over, but we want to come back to make you dream with our FAIRY TOP 5.


From an enchanted forest emerge knights with long tunics, boots and gloves covered with sparkling crystals, princesses wrapped in light draperies and Little Reds Riding Hood in fox fur capes. 

With "Once upon a time... In Sicily" Dolce & Gabbana depict a fantastic parade, a tribute to the milestones of the medieval outfits re-read in the luxurious and eccentric code that has always distinguished the maison.


The wolf and the moon, the darkness and the light, male and female. This is one of many interpretations of the collection by Antonio Marras, who traces an invisible path between Annemarie Schwarzenbach, poet, photographer and Swiss intellectual, "Steppenwolf" by Herman Hesse and Little Red Riding Hood. The final touch? The hairstyle "stolen" from Rachel in Blade Runner, for demoiselles with an austere beauty, the stars of a collection imbued with the romantic spirit, simply sensational.


Countess of Transylvania's court, the models of Jun Takahashi feature scarlet contact lenses, elaborate crown of braids (by the Japanese hairstylist Kamo) and outfits who have their roots in sportswear but that play, with the wicked humor typical of Takahashi, with the concept of monarchy, in its broadest sense. Capes and floating scarves, entering and emerging from the outfit as treacherous snakes, electronic apples,  ribbons and insignia: here comes the dark side of the monarchy.


The nomadic inspiration to KTZ is strong (and triumphant) even in the last collection: halfway between a 'Tsarina and a little' gypsy, KTZ woman becomes ambassador of sharp contrasts, pure colors and jewelry, definitely oversized. Capes and caftans are covered with prints that recall Morocco, outerwear, leggings and the midis are enriched with embroidery and shiny stones in a swirl of white, black and gold.


An interstellar travel, in some distant galaxy, lost in space. The collection of Rodarte sisters makes us dream, as always, bringing us in a cosmos of clothing from the boyish charm, sparkling and ethereal, dotted with stars or printed all over with lunar craters or with our favorite characters from Star Wars: Princess Leyla is back and we cannot wait to meet her.