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All of Diesel's initiatives for Milan Fashion Week

A free film festival and an 8-hour rave

All of Diesel's initiatives for Milan Fashion Week A free film festival and an 8-hour rave

The Fashion Week is not an institutional, and boring event, at least not for Diesel. Between a brand-new Yashica analog camera used as an invitation and a rave with a large turnout, the presentation of Glenn Martens' latest project was communicated in a highly funny way to the audience gathered at Scalo Farini in Milan. Yes, you read that right; the brand's fashion show took place in the midst of a rave, setted up just like the one held on May 19th in Rome in collaboration with NTS Radio. "Democratic" is the adjective that would be fitting to describe both Diesel and the initiative taken, which opened its doors to thousands of people, with a priority lane for fashion, art, and design students.

That Glenn Martens' approach to life and creative direction is joyful and cheerful is certainly not news, so what better way to admire distressed items, utility pieces, and numerous accessories amidst the DJ sets? But that's not all, as Diesel has decided not to limit its initiative to the party on Wednesday, May 20th, expanding its intent to make this Fashion Week memorable until Sunday, the 24th. Starting from Friday, Diesel invites everyone to enjoy a free film festival, featuring cult classics such as The Big Lebowski," Fight Club, Dunkirk, WALL-E, Mulholland Drive and many others.

A smart modus operandi to expand their audience, meticulously executed by the brand, even finding the opportunity to translate the initiative into their own aesthetic imagery. To celebrate the free film festival, the brand's SS24 collection indeed features pieces with prints of movie posters, ranging from action films to science fiction. At times, the posters are printed normally, other times prominently, while in some cases, the finish is distressed, as if the billboards had been torn and faded by the sun and rain. Another breath of fresh air for a brand that is on everyone's lips today.