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The 10 best clothing stores in Copenhagen

The ultimate guide to your Danish shopping

The 10 best clothing stores in Copenhagen The ultimate guide to your Danish shopping

Satisfy your fashion cravings in Copenhagen with these 10 store recommendations. This guide is not merely for all the ‘it’ brands to visit, but rather a collection of deeply locally run and mostly independent stores that you might not know, but should. Copenhagen brings you tons of other flagship-store extravaganzas that you can easily google your way to, but hopefully, this highlights a few places that you’ve never been to and that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Plus, the stores are listed in order of distance to each other, so you won’t be walking or biking unnecessarily – lazy fashionistas, you’re welcome.

Studio Stars – Tietgensgade 72

We start with my personal favorite: Studio Stars. Located on a side street to the Copenhagen Central Station, this basement shop exclusively fosters young, underground, talented designers who challenge the status quo. The stuff you find here is simply not to be found anywhere else. Once you step through the Cobalt blue door, you’ll usually be met by the eclectic owner, Casper Enzo Enersen, his fun DIY interior, and his artistic girlfriend Christina, who sometimes tattoos in-store, creates cute ceramics and makes their popular in-line airbrush collections. Their combined vision locates, drives, and supports Copenhagen’s most talented underground designers, and they also curate a wall of amazing vintage finds. To me, this is the epitome of why you go out shopping – to be surprised by garments. To see something that hasn't already popped up on your timeline. And here, all of your spending go to a young entrepreneur with a bleeding passion for fashion, and to those underground designers you pick off the racks and fall in love with – which just feels good. 

Lagune – Krystalgade 14-16

First off, the sheer size of this 350 sq m streetwear hub is surprising to witness from a newly founded shop. The store has only been in existence since December last year, but its interior screams artsy professionalism and its three-floor layout provides a unique experience for a customer. Via its three departments, the store presents its streetwear offerings in completely different settings: from bright and colorful at The Playground, to dark, dense, and special at The Apartment, and finally some bargain grabs in the raw, white-walled Basement. The brand selection offers popular brands among youngins that do print and baggy streetwear garments, but there are also calming quality staples like Carhartt WIP and Clarks.

Time’s Up Vintage – Krystalgade 4

The selection at Time’s Up Vintage consists of super rare designer pieces, and it is widely known by locals, stylists, and celebrities as the go-to vintage store. The owner Jesper Richardy curates the space by traveling the globe for unique finds and – thankfully – brings them all right back here to Copenhagen. When he returns, he transforms the boutique with his new findings, filling it with new gems, and it’s therefore never a dull visit at his spot. Exploring the racks, you’ll find anything from 1980s Hermes silk shirts, 1990s Jean Paul Gaultier mesh tops, and even stuff like a 70’s Yves Saint Laurent skirt. But you’ll also find items more fitting for everyday wear like Lacoste polos or vintage tees and sweaters – as Jesper puts it «the store is curated, but not too curated». Time’s Up Vintage succeeds at making it feel like everything stands still in whatever time pocket Jesper Richardy chooses, and it is inspiring, refreshing, and well worth a visit. 

Hansen Garments – Pilestræde 42-44

Tucked away in a charming little spot, slightly elevated from the Pilestræde sidewalk, you’ll experience dark wood flooring, a laid-back vibe, and a unique selection of Japanese and Americana-inspired brands. Hansen Garments is its own fashion brand first, and a multibrand store second. Their selection is therefore expertly curated, and all brands chosen are done so out of respect for their craft, matching Hansen Garment’s high-quality everyday wear that succeeds in connecting the ruggedness of workwear with finer tailoring. They believe in small wardrobes and big personalities. It’s also the only retail store in Copenhagen that stocks Kapital – and a nice selection of it. 

Palmes Tennis Society – Pilestræde 28

This year, the Danish summer has been another one highlighted by sports – not only by Jonas Vingegaard triumphing in the Tour De France for the second time in a row but also by Holger Rune’s fight to reach the quarter-finals in the legendary Wimbledon tournament, only to be bested by the winner Carlos Alcaraz. All the while the tennis fever ran through the streets, Palmes Tennis Society has successfully matched the vibe at their temporary store located at (di)vision’s former retail spot. The room has been transformed by the visionary brand that sports a dedicated community around its on and off-court offerings. Red court clay covers parts of the floor, reminiscing tennis fans of legendary plays made by the ‘King of Clay’ – so unless you’re wearing your on-court shoes, watch your step! You’ll also find the brand’s latest collabs with Blackstock & Weber, a premium loafer with a white tennis ball felt upper, and with Human Ritual, an Italian-made pair of sports sunglasses with a red-purple wrap lens. But don’t worry, you don’t have to own a racket to enjoy the collection. Here, style comes first. 

Storm Fashion – Store Regnegade 1

Probably Copenhagen’s most renowned high fashion store – an absolute staple in the inner city. The owner Rasmus Storm expands the selection beyond clothing to include beauty, music, books, and inspirational in-store exhibitions. This is the closest you’ll come to a Copenhagen version of the legendary Collette or a Dover Street Market. The store is also only a few months away from its 30-year-anniversary, which in itself is a huge achievement. Among its lifestyle offerings, you’ll find brands like Wales Bonner, Raf Simons, Stockholm (Surfboard) Club, Soulland, BBC, and Icecream, as well as all the on-trend sneaker brands. They’ve also produced collaborations with artists like Billie Eilish and the local top-charting rapper Artigeardit. If you haven’t stopped by here to shop around in Copenhagen, you haven’t been shopping in the inner city – this store is a must.

Saks Potts – Bredgade 73 

A five-minute walk from Amalienborg, home of the Danish Royal Family, you’ll find the flagship store of one of Denmark’s most popular high-end fashion brands. Here, Saks Potts’ most recent spring/summer collection is available, the one that majestically took over Kongens Nytorv at their SS23 Copenhagen Fashion Week show, and which was inspired by Princess Mary’s stylish looks during her first endeavors to Denmark in the early 2000s. Dark wood floors and cabinets encapsulate their beautifully crafted high-quality garments, and friendly personnel evokes an experience of almost showroom-fitting-like care for each customer. The intimate store also preserves the interior’s former history as an old apothecary’s shop, by stocking items in the wall-mounted cupboards originally used for storing medicine. Saks Potts’ show will be closing on the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, so expect this place to be buzzing with fans. 

Grocery Copenhagen – Elmegade 21

The creative direction and the selection of brands done by this little independent corner store might currently be one the best representations of modern Scandinavian menswear. As stated: «The store is all about reflecting the vibrancy we see, and we are constantly inspired by the people around us», and that is probably why they have an abundance of Scandinavian breed brands at Grocery Copenhagen. Here you will find a unique mixture of fine shirting attire from brands like mfpen and Our Legacy, as well as heavy-hitting outdoor brands like ROA and Parel Studios – all of them with a tasteful high-end finish. Throughout the summer the staff will usually welcome you outside, sitting right next to the entrance, enjoying some energizing coffee or a cooling refreshment, while scouting the local fashion scene walking, jogging, or biking past this central Nørrebro spot. 

Acne Studios Archive – Elmegade 21

It’s impossible to describe the Scandinavian fashion scene without mentioning the juxtaposing design of Jonny Johansson’s Acne Studios. Their flagship store in Pilestræde is also well worth a visit, but this little gem is filled with archive Acne Studio pieces, and this is a place where you’ll be able to make some of your best wardrobe come-ups. Samples, previous-season garments, accessories, and second-hand items are all up for grabs for a fraction of the retail price at this cozy little corner store.

Circus-Circus – Guldbergsgade 16

Let me be very clear: if you don’t skate, then this is probably not for you. With that being said, this is one of the most legendary skate shops in the city. Here you’ll find all the purely skate-dedicated clothing brands that will keep you steezy throughout sessions. This basement store is filled to the rim with boards, bearings, trucks, wheels – all the hardware you need to tear up streets and skateparks scattered throughout the city. It’s also one of the fewer and fewer retail stores that rep Nike SB – a market that’s eaten up by resellers and Nike’s culture-depriving DTC strategy. This place was also the official merch spot for the recent CPH Open that took over the city. The founder Mischa Gundmann has held this circus-themed skate shop alive and thriving since 2008, and his love for skating goes decades deeper. If you’re looking to upgrade your skate setup in every way possible, this is your spot. And Mischa might chat with you about some of the raddest skate stories while you’re there.