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Timberland's world goes 3D

With a 3D billboard at Milan Fashion Week

Timberland's world goes 3D With a 3D billboard at Milan Fashion Week

If you happen to be walking through the Fashion District, you need only look up to see the giant 3D billboard of Timberland's Built for the Bold global campaign. It's definitely hard not to notice it the way it wraps around the corners of the buildings, with the words Understand the Gravity of Comfort next to the brand's signature tree logo and a bed of grass below. The scene then "crashes" through the ceiling, showing the new Greenstride TBL Turbo Hiker boot swinging comfortably in a hammock amidst a cluster of trees, enjoying nature. Thanks to the wonderful 3D animation, the boot and hammock seem to float out of the scene and over the road, highlighting the comfort of the brand's sneaker.

The 3D billboard was designed with the intention of creating an immersive experience that captures the attention of the masses. A new idea of space that opens up to new dimensions through 3D LEDs and new technologies. Timberland's explores this new medium with bold animations that appear in the heart of Milan as part of the Built for the Bold campaign events calendar. 

Featuring the voice of hip-hop soul icon Mary J. Blige, Built for the Bold invites adventurers around the world to discover the courage within. A challenge to the convention that courage is reserved for those who are fearless and strong, while it often manifests itself in moments of humility, creativity and quiet perseverance. Naturally, Timberland has a full line of new footwear and apparel in stock to equip people around the world for their brave adventures this fall. «To be brave, you have to be fearless and confident, but it also means being strong enough to pick yourself up and start over - said Mary J. Blige - those are words that represent my life. I have loved Timberland since I was a girl, and I immediately shared the message of this campaign: Courage lives in each of us.»