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How to do Festival fashion according to Zalando and the DJs from Polifonic 2022

The voices of international clubbing have spoken

How to do Festival fashion according to Zalando and the DJs from Polifonic 2022 The voices of international clubbing have spoken
Jeremy French & Marc-Henri Ngandu

Deciding what look to wear to a festival can be a challenge. As the par excellence social occasion of the Millennial generation, there are at least two instances to consider: the first is that one should sport the best of one's wardrobe; the second is as much about comfort as it is about the possibility of ruining whatever one has on. To sum it up in the words of Afriqua, one of the top DJs at the recent edition of Polifonic 2022, who this year had Zalando as an official partner, one would have to put «something sexy that you don't mind getting dusty». For DASCO, then, who at the festival that closed last weekend in Fasano shared the line-up with Afriqua the matter is even more personal: «It doesn't matter what you wear as long as it makes you feel beautiful and free». The more solidly practical Hiver duo, on the other hand, already know the perfect festival uniform: «Comfy is the key. A white or coloured tee, a pair of cargo shorts and a good pair of sneakers and we’re ready to rock the stage».

And it must be said that during the last edition of the festival, which also represented a successful return to normalcy after two years of uncertainty about the world of clubbing, outfits were on point: yellow silk Casablanca shirts, crocheted tops, Off-White t-shirts and floral patterns were seen flowing seamlessly into the night crowd. After all, as DASCO reiterated to us, «music has a really strong power to connect between different people and unite them. On the dance floor we are all one». A sense of community and belonging that is now is perhaps the main signature of the clubbing world-whose community, after a two-year lull, is stronger and more united than ever.

And indeed, it was not difficult to see so many different styles and outfits united on the Fasano dancefloor - which, as Afriqua pointed out to us reflected «many artists across a wide range of styles [...] everyone is linked by their individuality». Also according to Afriqua «fashion is integral to music» also from the artists' point of view: «Wardrobe is such a big part of the memories we form of the artists we love. It's one of the clearest ways to express yourself to the public, and I think even the artists who "dress down" are making a clear artistic statement when they do so. My outfit doesn't directly influence the music, but both my music and outfit are direct expressions of the vibe I'm on». For DASCO, the issue is also about the dual track of musical and personal expression, especially if he is behind the console: «My outfit definitely influences my music. I like to wear comfortable clothes that make me feel free and sexy and lift up my mood, exactly like the music I play».

Of course, just like the outfits that make up the dancefloor, the setting in which the festival takes place also plays a key role. And the backdrop in question was the stunning Apulian countryside, which, while still remaining a bucolic Mediterranean paradise, is increasingly becoming a European clubbing destination thanks precisely to Polifonic: «This year we can definitely say that Puglia can compete with some of the most renowned country for festivals. We think difference is substantially in the intimate mood Puglia can give to a festival. People feel the same emotions and feelings like in any other festival but in a more wild and magical environment», say Hiver. But DASCO too defined Polifonic as «one of the most interesting festivals in Europe».

One point on which all the artists in the line-up agreed was the enthusiasm that this edition of the festival generated on both sides of the console: «I really enjoyed the time off, but am extremely happy to be bringing all the music I've been working on over the past two years directly to the public again!», said Afriqua. DASCO was even more enthusiastic: «After such a long time without clubs and festivals, having the opportunity to come back and play my music in front of thousands of people it's an amazing feeling for me and really excites me. Being able to connect people thorough my music and make them dance and be happy is why I'm creating music». For the Hiver, on the other hand, everything had an almost more intimate dimension, after all, the two of them are real regulars for the festival and in fact they told us (and we could say it with them) that «Polifonic has a special place in our heart».

Photographers: Marc-Henri Ngandu, Jeremy French 
Videomaker: Alessandro Ogliani
MUA: Luna Taddonio
MUA Assistant: Surja Lux
Words: Lorenzo Salamone
Social Media Coordinator: Ilaria Grande
Editorial Coordinator: Edoardo Lasala