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The Italian brand that inspired the collabo between Yeezy and Balenciaga

From Treviolo with love

The Italian brand that inspired the collabo between Yeezy and Balenciaga From Treviolo with love

After the announcement and the subsequent wait, yesterday finally arrived online the first drop of the three-way collabo Gap, Yeezy and Balenciaga in which the creative visions of Kanye West and Demna have come together in what is sure to be a collabo of which we will talk at length. Also for this reason there is a certain pride in recognizing that, among the sources of inspiration more or less declared present in the first drop, there is also a small Italian brand specializing in motorcycle clothing: Giali.

Three hoodies, tees, and sweatpants, the collabo also features the Padded Denim Jacket, a denim jacket with reinforced padding that echoes the aesthetics of those used in motorcycle protective gear, specifically the 21c from Giali, an Italian company based in Treviolo, in the province of Bergamo. As pointed out by HIDDEN.RSRCH, in previous months West had been immortalized on more than one occasion with the jacket in question, while last October we saw him in Paris with another Giali model, the JK 210. As it happens in these cases, on Grailed someone has already tried to sell some models of the Italian brand, with a price range from 350$ to 980$, while a few months ago a 21c was sold for 600$, more than its counterpart signed by Ye and Demna.

If in this case we can talk about inspiration, for the rest of the capsule it would be appropriate to talk about something quite different. In the hours following the release, French brand 3.PARADIS pointed out a certain similarity between the Yeezy and Balenciaga collection with one from the brand dating back to 2017. «Our message throughout our journey has always been clear: instill hope in others and inspire,» 3.PARADIS wrote on its Instagram profile. «As fate would have it, we now find ourselves with our iconic inspiring symbol.» An all-too-democratic response for an episode we frankly wish we hadn't seen.