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How are fashion brands perceived by fashion insiders?

The opinion of the habitués of European fashion weeks

How are fashion brands perceived by fashion insiders? The opinion of the habitués of European fashion weeks

Fashion is a dual world: those who look at it from the outside see one thing and those who look inside see another. This becomes even more true at the present time, when major renovations are taking place, languages evolve and even the most important names face sudden and sudden changes. In such a scenario, in which high and low mix as never before and new realities emerge while others suddenly fade, it is perhaps fashion insiders who see us more clearly – that army of experienced archivists, designers, retailers, photographers and influencers who make up the very ecosystem of fashion in Europe.

To see more clearly in the current state of fashion and get a snapshot of the current perception of the brands that are protagonists, the editorial staff of nss magazine asked five fashion insiders to use the Cartesio platform, developed by nss magazine and Lyst, to discover how they see brands. 

Julien Boudet (@bleumode)


«Well it was actually quite interesting to create this map. I had not really thought about the perception I have of all these brands before, so it was great to focus on this for a few minutes and classify them one by one.  It is also great to see how the perception people have on these specific labels evolve throughout the years, depending on their creative director, their marketing strategy, the target that they want to reach... all these elements contribute to the evolution of the brand's image, which is the key to sales and success».

Hiking Patrol (@hikingpatrol)

«For us at Hiking Patrol, what became evident with the mapping is maybe that streetwear or luxury is not necessarily opposites anymore, and the same goes for hype versus heritage. It would be interesting to do the same exercise based on the value the product and brands bring to the consumer. Rare Nike's are usually priced higher than most luxury sneakers on a second hand market».

Laurent Laporte (@laurent.laporte)

Editor, Creative Director and Photographer of Whereisthecool? Magazine

«I would say that it’s a difficult task today to place brands on a map because in an era profoundly influenced by marketing, everything i moving so fast. Streetwear brands want to look more luxurious, luxury brands more street, heritage brands want a bit of hype while the hype are chasing an history they don’t necessarily have.».

Drip Dossier (@drip_dossier)

«The fashion landscape now is broader than ever so different versions of this plot would be super interesting too (like comparing techy brands like Alyx to artisanal ones like Bode or Visvim; or trend creators like Raf or Yeezy to trend followers like Kith. There are many different ways to break it down».