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The symbolism of Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration day fashion choices

The Vice President chose to tell an important story through designers she chose to wear

The symbolism of Vice President Kamala Harris' inauguration day fashion choices  The Vice President chose to tell an important story through designers she chose to wear

At the inauguration events in the United States during the past few days, one of the most talked-about aspects was the fashion that the women in power chose to wear. As the first few days of this administration being in power, how they appeared to the general public and what they chose to wear would essentially set the note for the type of administration which they would be, or not be in the next few years. Something that seems as simple as the garments they wore holds great significance, not because they serve the purpose of making them look good, but it also tells the story of the hands who made them, and the stories which they decide to platform says a lot about each of their characters. 

Of the entire administration, much of the public’s attention was placed on Vice President Kamala Harris. Being the first female and the first Black Vice President in American history, her choices of dress would not only tell the story of her character but also speak to her role in the administration and how she chose to approach it. Considering the White House’s endless budget, it was mainly a question of whether she would choose to be glamourous or meaningful? 

It was only a few weeks ago that Twitter users criticised her for not appearing glamorous enough in American Vogue’s printed February 2020 cover, dressed in Chuck Taylor’s and jeans against a questionable backdrop. So she was undoubtedly aware of the public’s fascination with her fashion choices, and to their liking, for the happenings of the last few days, she opted for the perfect combination of glamour and meaning.

On Tuesday evening at the Covid memorial service, Ms Harris chose to wear a camel-coloured pleated coat created by designer Kerby Jean Raymond of Pyer Moss — who is not only one of the top Black designers on the New York fashion scene but is also an artist known for weaving Black American culture into the seams of all his collections. He was also one of the first designers to organise the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment at the beginning of the pandemic as well as organising initiatives to raise money in aid of small businesses during the lockdown. 

At the official inauguration event the day after, the Vice President then chose to wear a bright purple coat and dress created and designed by Christopher John Rogers. Based in New York, Rogers is the Afro-American designer who has an expert hand and eye for mixing high-quality tailoring with high-octane glamour. For the past few seasons, his collections have been noted for platforming and championing inclusivity. As he crafts narratives of fantasy around his and glamour around the garments he creates. The VP also accessorised this look with her signature pearls that were created from Puerto Rican jeweller Wilfredo Rosado

To close the evening, she wore a black dress by designer Sergio Hudson, who is a designer working and producing in her home state of California. 

In choosing to wear the work of these designers, Vice President Kamala Harris chose to tell a story while the eyes of the world were on her. She chose not only to highlight the stories of American designers but made sure to platform minority designers as opposed to choosing legacy brands. Being the first of her kind in American history, she essentially represents change and the future, and that was accurately reflected in the way in which she chose to appear to the world.