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How to become ASAP Rocky's go-to photographer

We asked Julien Mitchell, the unofficial A$AP Mob photographer

How to become ASAP Rocky's go-to photographer We asked Julien Mitchell, the unofficial A$AP Mob photographer

The link between fashion and social networks is now a fact, a certainty demonstrated in the last period by the case of Bottega Veneta yet still full of surprises. The name of Julien Mitchell is certainly one of them, that of a young photographer from New York who, thanks to a photo that went viral on Instagram, has earned his place on magazines like GQ and PopSugar. A fortuitous event no doubt, but born of Mitchell's passion for hip-hop, which has always been at the centre of his shots. Whether it's Asap Rocky or the rest of the A$AP Mob, Mitchell's photos tell the American hip-hop scene up close, from lives to events around New York. 

nss magazine interviewed Julien Mitchell to talk about his career, his inspirations and his future in the fashion world. 

#1 Since you are very young, where and when did your passion for photography start?

Photography has always been a big part of my life, I have always been interested in cameras and documenting life in the city since I was about 10 years old. Once I started to get into the music scene I thought it was a perfect introduction to start my career as a rap photographer.

#2 What kind of relationship there is today between rap and photography?

The relationship is clear, Rap is about the here and now. It expresses the joys and frustrations of the artist in his or her world. Photography is a partner to the artist and the music, it captures that exact moment and carries it through time. 

#3 What kind of reality is New York for a young emerging photographer like you?

New York is definitely the best place to start as a young photographer like me. There are many opportunities to shoot, make connections, and advance your career. I have worked with so many great people that I have met all through the music industry. I like to think of New York as the epicentre of the urban music scene. 

#4 You've become quite famous lately thanks to a few photos of Asap Rocky. Can you tell us something about them?

A$AP Mob has been a big part of my career/uprising; they have always been a big influence on me. I have worked with many members in the past and I have built an amazing relationship with them. Working with Rocky is a dream come true and I think those photos have been my best work so far. I look forward to working with all of them in the future. 

#5 In your portfolio there are many shots made during live concerts and pop-up shops. Do you think this is your path or would you also like to work in the fashion world?

Personally, I think fashion plays a big role in music and photography. I have definitely learned a lot of creative directing and I think that skills feed into both fashion in music. To answer your question I think they go hand with each other.