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The new Mr. Bailey x adidas Originals "Ammonite Superstar"

How to take the concept of chunky sole to a whole new level

The new Mr. Bailey x adidas Originals Ammonite Superstar How to take the concept of chunky sole to a whole new level

The adidas Superstar is such an iconic silhouette that it doesn't need any introduction. In the year that celebrates its fiftieth anniversary from its first appearance, adidas has proposed many new variants of its classic shell toe – a design element that industrial designer Mr. Bailey seems to have taken a lot literally since, for his remake of the Superstar, he was inspired by fossil mollusks to create a futuristic sneaker with a radical aesthetic. Mr. Bailey's work was carried out as part of adidas' Catalyst for Change program, aimed at inspiring a community-driven change in China's sneaker culture.

The name given to the sneaker, Ammonite, derives precisely from the family of prehistoric molluscs that inspired its design. The Superstar's shell toe thus becomes part of the sole itself, a sculpture that can be worn, extending below the sneaker with a platform divided into various segments within which there are spiral cavities that trace the structure of the fossils. The upper is instead composed of adaptive nyon decorated with finishes including a series of iridescent details and an embossed adidas clover logo.

Being part of the Catalyst for Change creative program, the sneaker will not be released commercially to the public.