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How to customize your sneakers with a Vibram sole

With the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab initiative

How to customize your sneakers with a Vibram sole With the Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab initiative

While over the last few years the issue of sustainability has become increasingly crucial for the fashion industry, with luxury and small brands committed to rethinking their production chains and their business model, the sneakers world seems to be struggling more in coming to terms with this new reality, often producing sustainable products, that nevertheless favour this component over the design and beauty. 

On the other hand, the latest project by Vibram, the world leader in the development and production of high-performance rubber soles, starts from a circular economy principle. The brand has lately become an essential name also in the sneaker game (and luxury market), managing in finding that difficult balance between performance and aesthetics, which has led, among other things, to the rediscovery of trends such as gorpcore or hiking. Vibram marks once again its commitment towards sustainability with a customization service, one of the most appreciated and sought after elements in the sneaker world.

After the success of the first two digital events - dedicated to mountain biking and trail running with the Litebase technology - the latest Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab event will take place digitally. The brand's customization project, which consists in the application of a Vibram sole, closes 2020 by turning to an audience made of trendsetters and sneakerheads, who have elevated Vibram to a real industry staple. In the new (virtual) program of Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab it will in fact be possible to request the customization of your shoe, whatever it is, by choosing from two types of Vibram soles made in the new Vibram N-OIL compound: the iconic Vibram Carrarmato design - ideal on more structured footwear, designed for outdoors and to ensure maximum performance - or a Vibram sole "flat" model, perfect for every day sneakers. 

In the Vibram N-OIL compound lies a rather revolutionary introduction for the brand, and consequently for the whole sneaker game: the rubber is made for over 90% with natural ingredients and the pigments used for the colours are 100% natural and they come from plants and organic agricultural waste. All without neglecting grip and the performance level that has distinguished the brand's soles since their creation. This latest innovation represents only the latest milestone in the journey of a brand that has always worked to minimize its social and environmental impact, without underestimating the search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions. 

To take part in the last Vibram Sole Factor Mobile Lab event and therefore try the new Vibram N-OIL compound, you have to register from November 18 to 27 on the Vibram Testerplace at this link. Once you have registered and submitted your request, you will be contacted by the experts of the Vibram Sole Factor team who will offer their advice to evaluate the feasibility of the technical operation with you. The team will then organize the pick-up of the shoes and will subsequently return the product when ready. Places are limited, but those unable to access the customization service will still be contacted and will receive a discount voucher valid for customizing shoes at one of the Sole Factor Academies and Diamonds shops throughout Europe. The list of all stores specialized in shoe repair can be found here.

Becoming a Vibram Tester means becoming part of a wider movement that aims at a more sustainable approach to fashion, which works with natural materials and which focuses on the experience of the consumer, a vision that has always distinguished Vibram, in the sneaker game and beyond.