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All the colorways of the 50 Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low

Abloh and Nike are back together for the "Dear Summer..." collection

All the colorways of the 50 Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low Abloh and Nike are back together for the Dear Summer... collection

UPDATE 15.06.2021: despite the images, mock-ups and leaks of what will be the next collaboration between Virgil Abloh and his Off-White™ and Nike that have been circulating for months, yesterday it was the Beaverton giant who gave a preview of what will be the "Dear Summer..." collection. The new capsule designed by Abloh features 50 different variations of Nike Dunk Low, the silhouette that Nike has strongly relaunched in recent seasons, proposed in a multitude of different colourways. Most sneakers feature a white and grey upper, with classic Abloh design elements, such as the lacing system, exposed tongue, Helvetica text, plastic zip tie and fabric inserts. The silhouettes differ, in addition to the colours, for the materials chosen for the upper, which see a combination of leather, suede and canvas.

There is no official release date for the Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low "The 50" collection yet, but Nike has promised more info coming soon.


UPDATE 26.05.2021: after months of rumours, mock-ups and leaks of various kinds, yesterday Virgil Abloh confirmed that his lucky partnership with Nike will continue with the "Dear Summer..." collection which will see the release of 50 new Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low. It was Abloh himself who confirmed the ongoing adventure with Nike, posting a photo of a shoebox with the iconic holes typical of OF. However, it's one of the numbers on the side of the shoe, 50, to suggest the number of actual silhouettes that will be released as part of this collection. 

After the success of The Ten collection, which in 2017 had written a chapter in the history of streetwear, sneaker culture in general and the very definition of collaboration, Abloh and Nike have decided to bet everything on one of the most relaunched and successful collaborations in these recent seasons.

There is currently no info regarding the colourways and the release date of the upcoming Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low. 


9.11.2020: The successful collaboration between Virgil Abloh, his Off-White™ and Nike might not be over yet. In fact, there are many rumours that report possible and upcoming new releases between the two brands. This time it is the well-known Instagram profile @PY_RATES to reveal what could be the next joint release. This is a series of Off-White™ x Nike Dunk Low in two brand new 'Black' colourway. 

The renewed collaboration sees the introduction of new materials and details, which make this sneaker very different from the latest Dunk Low created by two brands, which have become highly sought after instant classics on the secondary market. The focus will therefore be reserved for the material of the upper, which will be enriched by the visible tongue and a double lacing system, which includes a set of Flywire rope laces, also in shades of black. 

The Black colourways of the Off-White™ x Nike Dunk are expected to arrive in Fall 2021, at a price of 170$