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The Resort 2021 and Men's SS21 collections by MSGM

Massimo Giorgetti starts back from the new generations

The Resort 2021 and Men's SS21 collections by MSGM Massimo Giorgetti starts back from the new generations

I want my heart to beat forever and I want life on top, the sky above, the sand below and love always in my hands like a lemon ice cream eaten by the sea on a May afternoon, when the most beautiful is going to start and continue as before, so fast and so immortal.

This is just a quote from Fluo: Storie di Giovani a Riccione, the cult book by Isabella Santacroce, pinned by Massimo Giorgetti on the nylon pieces of the new Men's Spring/Summer 21. To present it together with the Women Resort SS21, the founder of MSGM returned to work with director Luca Finotti, eight years after their last collaboration on the Floralworks project. The result is a carefree short film that celebrates the summer and new generations: Non so dove, ma insieme (literally: "I don't know where, but together"), born from a creative brainstorming that started at the dawn of phase two and which involved all the design aspects, up to the casting conducted via Instagram. The choice of the protagonists has rewarded seven young emerging faces: the actor Federico Cesari, known for his role in Martino in Skam Italia (to which perhaps the short film is a little inspired); Francesco Cicconetti, trans activist; Naomi Oke, fashion designer; the student and synchronized swimming champion Camilla Vettore, just 17 years old; the models Diogo Gomes and Matteo Tagliabue and the stylist Cai Yu.

MSGM cannot help but looking at the present with confidence, imagining the future with optimism, passion and poetry," said Massimo Giorgetti; “I don't know where, but together. The mantra of the season, and the title of the video, speaks of the moment we are experiencing, recognizes the uncertainty that distinguishes it, but sends an important message of union. Only together can we dream big.

Returning from a difficult moment, the new generation MSGM is free, enthusiastic and can't wait to dive back into the present, but above all to look towards its future. Through their stories of love, desire and friendship, free from the boundaries of gender and the traps of a definition, against the background of a Milan in early summer and on the notes of La tua canzone by Coez, the 7 boys interpret the idea of a joyful rebirth and celebrate life.

After celebrating the gloomy and horror atmospheres together with the witches of Dario Argento for the FW2020 collection, the new collections enhance the carefree attitude of young people, perfectly represented by a series of DIY garments including sweatshirts, shorts and windbreakers. By developing some of the distinctive elements of the brand, such as patchwork and floral prints (here transformed into tropical), Massimo Giorgetti has developed a versatile collection in which there is no lack of handmade details, such as the frayed inlay of sweaters and vests. In addition, for the men's collection, Giorgetti collaborated with the American artist Seth Armstrong, printing three of his works on a set of pajamas and jacquard sweaters, including one showing a night view of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.