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The New 'Nothing To Fear' Capsule Collection by Danilo Paura

An unprecedented project born during the lockdown months

The New 'Nothing To Fear' Capsule Collection by Danilo Paura An unprecedented project born during the lockdown months

Following the past few months of quarantine, the Italian brand Paura has presented its new project: Nothing to Fear, a capsule collection in collaboration with Frolla, an artisan micro-biscuit factory in Osimo, in the heart of Italy, which offers the opportunity to work to a small community of disabled people. Started two years ago with only three people, today it is a real business with 16 employees, a small cafeteria and even a football team. 

"During this period of quarantine we were overwhelmed by moments of isolation which, somehow, allowed us to take a step back, reflect and analyze our roots in depth, diving into changes of consciousness and digital brainstorming," said Danilo Paura, the founder of the brand. Starting right from his surname, as well as from his brand's name, Danilo had a specific goal in his mind: to reach a world beyond fear itself, built on the simple desire and pleasure of doing. That is how Nothing to Fear was born: a project that focuses on social and corporate responsibility, which challenges fears and seeks alternative solutions to transform difficulties into opportunities. 

The first limited set of products, made by local producers, was released on June 15 and includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, shorts and, of course, biscuits. A collection full of meaning, with attention to the smallest details: each item features both tone-on-tone prints and contrast, along with a particular embroidery that brings the spray of a can. "Fear is not a registered trademark," one can read on the official statement; "PAURA [FEAR] does not accept stereotypes or institutional labels; we come from the street where the spray identifies the urban artist's pen, we take the R and vandalize it, making it become a P.

The lookbook also speaks of friendship: for the advertising campaign, in fact, the collection was interpreted by Leo Colacicco, creative director of LC23 and longtime friend of Danilo Paura, shot by another great friend of the brand, the photographer Adriano Cisani. All items are already available on the official website