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Why Uniqlo AIRism items are the basics of this summer

We asked four professionals to tell us how AIRism helps them in everyday life

Why Uniqlo AIRism items are the basics of this summer
We asked four professionals to tell us how AIRism helps them in everyday life
Why Uniqlo AIRism items are the basics of this summer We asked four professionals to tell us how AIRism helps them in everyday life

Innovation at the service of performance. Basics elevated to the level of summer techwear that mix the easiness of everyday style and the AIRism technology developed by Uniqlo and Toray in over seven years of continuous upgrades.  An aesthetic that is only seemingly minimal but that actually draws on that trend of utility wear that has seen in the last year the technical fabric become the protagonist of clothing, with functionality as the fundamental value of its concept. AIRism, a line of innerwear started by Uniqlo as early as 2013 and from year to year constantly updated and reinterpreted, represents the very philosophy of the brand - which aims not only the style but also the well-being of those who wear its garments. The AIRism elements, in fact, thanks to the structure of its polyester microfiber, are able to immediately disperse the body heat and moisture trapped between the skin and clothes while maintaining constant comfort in any kind of situation. For the SS20 season UNIQLO adds to the AIRism collection a new range of items suitable for men, women and children in a new series of colorways that can become basic perfect for everyday with the added value of a high technical performance. All new Uniqlo AIRism items are already available on the brand's official website, at this link

For the editorial that represents all the functionality of AIRism garments, nss magazine asked four Milanese professionals to tell how Uniqlo's ultra-breathing garments actually help them in everyday life. When working at home or at the computer, when running between commitments and appointments during a long day in the hospital, when physical training is a craft as well as a lifestyle and when you move all day between markets and kitchens to offer the customer the highest quality, the only must becomes comfort coupled with a style always discreet and impeccable.  

Luca Pesenti, medical doctor

«A doctor always works with and for other people. It's a job for which it's essential to be a dynamic person and adapt to different situations, both in the hospital and outside. The first requirement to give the best performance every day is personal comfort: not even noticing what I have on me makes me ready for any situation. Uniqlo AIRism gives me the freedom to run between appointments without ever being trivial».

Giulia Lamarca, travel blogger

«I am an outgoing person by nature, I like to always move and always think about the next destination. I often work on the PC with my hot tea but in reality I have a fairly hectic and dynamic life, full of appointments and commutes, and always wearing fresh and light fabrics to really make a difference. For my job I must always be flexible: on the same day I can go from smartworking to the office, to catching a plane in a few hours – and Uniqlo AIRism is always in my suitcase».

Giuditta Vigliani, aerialist

«As a trainer I have to be an expert in my discipline, but also interact with a large number of people every day and train constantly and improve my skills – you never stop learning. For me every daily movement can be interpreted as dynamic and functional to keep the body active: even when I do the chores of the house I work. I find the fabrics of Uniqlo AIRism extremely light and comfortable, as well as having a minimal design and a beautiful color palette. I have been using them every day for my work for a long time and, honestly, I wouldn't wear anything else».

Edoardo Notizia, chef

«Dynamism is an integral part of my daily life, an innate attitude that is always present both in personal relationships and in work. I think my zodiac sign, the Gemini, and the place where I grew up, Vesuvian, is very important. In the kitchen I'm a bit artisanal and a bit theatrical, I experiment with techniques in the preparation of dishes, I create digital content and I always run between a visit to the market and a shoot. Uniqlo AIRism always keeps me fresh thanks to its materials and I can always count on a feeling of lightness and relaxation that is fundamental in my work – it is like a best friend».

Photography nss factory
Stylist: Fabiana Guigli, Alessandro Milzoni
MUA: Elena Gaggero, Marta Mariotti
Talent: Luca PesentiEdoardo NotiziaGiuditta Vigliani, Giulia Lamarca 
Production: nss factory
Special thanks to Frutteto Garibaldi